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We offer a variety of flexible dance training and study opportunities to suit individual needs and experience.

The programmes are based on a professional development model, catering for different levels of expertise and experience, and embracing students from a diversity of backgrounds.

The programmes are normally taken after completion of initial training, by: students wishing to consolidate or extend their dance study; mature students wishing to enter, or re-enter, formal education in order to develop and refresh their professional skills; those who are coming to dance study through a non-traditional route.


Specialist Diploma: Choreological Studies
This unique vocational programme provides specialist study in choreological studies, with a particular focus on contemporary developments of Rudolf Laban’s praxis.


Dance Training Days

Practical, stand-alone professional development for dance artists, teachers, and community practitioners.

Student Testimonial - Songhay Toldon, Graduate Diploma in Dance Studies Student

"One thing that struck me when I started here I was being told to 'be open to new things', and that's what I've told myself throughout my time here. Don't be judgemental about something you haven't done before, just be open to it and welcome it."