Dance Classes for Children

Trinity Laban offers Creative Dance classes for 2½ -14 year olds on Saturdays at the Laban Building. Our teachers draw on your child's natural abilities, encouraging potential, nurturing inventiveness, and building physical confidence as movement vocabulary develops.

Class Information

  • Carers & Toddlers (age 2.5 - 3 years)
  • 4-5 years
  • 6-7 years
  • 8-9 years
  • 10-11 years
  • 12-14 years

Carers and Toddlers classes are playful, practical sessions to encourage young children to express themselves with the support of their parent/carer. Through movement, play, music, and games, toddlers and carers have the opportunity to have fun working together to explore their physicality.

Children over the age of 4 begin to build physical co-ordination and confidence in creative classes that offer them the opportunity to create their own imaginative movement sequences and dance phrases, guided by their teachers.

Older children are introduced to the principles and foundations of contemporary dance technique. They will have the opportunity to work together creatively and, with the guidance of our teachers, devise movement work of their own.

The 2016-17 timetable and fees can be viewed here. Please be aware these are subject to change each academic year.

Joining the Children's Classes

Please note that the waiting list for Trinity Laban's Children's Classes is long. It will usually take 2-3 years to get a place.

Once a place becomes available children are invited to participate in a class before they enrol on the programme.

To put your child (must be age 1 year+) on the waiting list for a place, please email the following information to [email protected]:

  • Child's name
  • Child's date of birth
  • Child's gender
  • Parent/guardian name
  • Parent/guardian email*
  • Parent/guardian mobile

*We will contact you by email when we are able to offer your child a place on the programme so please inform us if your email address changes.

Please be aware that due to the volume of requests we receive there will be a delay before you receive confirmation your child has been added to the waiting list. Please also note that we are unable to provide waiting list updates and will only contact you when we are able to offer a place/ your child nears the top of the list.

Details of other dance classes for children can be found on

Dance Ability

Weekly movement, play and creative dance sessions for disabled children and their siblings

Centre for Advanced Training

Dancer on stage with blurred figures

The Centre for Advanced Training (CAT) offers young people aged 13-16 with exceptional talent and potential the opportunity to access high quality dance training.