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U.Dance 2023: London Regional Platform

A performance platform for youth dance groups based in London to showcase their work on stage or on screen.

Trinity Laban is proud to host U.Dance 2023: London Regional Platform at the Bonnie Bird Theatre on Sunday 26th February 2023.

U.Dance is a national celebration of dance performance by young people aged 11 – 19 (aged up to 25 for young people with disabilities). The U.Dance 2023: London Regional Platform offers young Londoners an incredible opportunity to gain experience in dance performance and choreography, as well as participate in workshops by leading professional dance artists.

Following the London Regional Platform at Trinity Laban, approximately 3 performing groups are shortlisted by One Dance UK to showcase their piece at the U.Dance National Festival in July 2023.  The U.Dance National Festival is delivered in partnership with One Dance UK, drawing together some of the most innovative and ambitious youth dance work from across the country.  The U.Dance National Festival 2023 will take place 21-23 July, in Newcastle.

Who Can Apply

Youth Dance companies, groups and/or individuals working in any dance style are invited to apply to participate in U.Dance 2023: London Regional Platform at Trinity Laban. Whether that be Hip-Hop/Street, Jazz, Ballet, South Asian dance styles, Contemporary or Folk dance, U.Dance is for everyone!

You can apply for either of the following options:

  • Dance on Stage: Create and submit a dance piece made for performance on stage, for consideration in the ‘U.Dance on Stage’ strand, with a maximum of 30 dancers


  • Dance on Screen: Create and submit a screen dance piece for consideration in the ‘U.Dance on Screen’ strand, with no upper limit on dancer numbers

The following eligibility criteria apply:

  • Pieces must only include dancers who are aged 11 to 19 years (or up to and including age 25 for disabled dancers) on 31 July 2023
  • Final dance pieces selected for the London Regional Platform (for either stage or screen) must be between 2 and 7 minutes in duration
  • Groups/individuals must be based in London

As a fully inclusive platform, we also strongly encourage applications from young people with disabilities and underrepresented groups.

How to Apply

Applications open: Tuesday 1st November – Friday 16th December 2022

Step 1: Read the U.Dance Application Pack and the U.Dance Music Licensing Best Practise Guidance (for on screen entries) before submitting an application.

Step 2: Complete the online application form by Friday 16 December 2022.

Apply Here

Step 3: Send a video of the dance piece to be performed on stage or screen, to s.rousham@trinitylaban.ac.uk.

  • We recommend sending the video footage using a password protected Vimeo, Youtube or We Transfer link.
  • When sending the footage, please ensure the correct download permissions are in place so we can access it easily.
  • Please note, the dance piece does not have to be complete at this stage of the application process, but should give a strong indication of what the final dance piece will look like.

Application forms and videos must be submitted from Tuesday 1st November – Friday 16th December 2022.  Application forms and videos submitted before or after these dates cannot be considered.

Selection Process 

 A panel of independent Dance Artists working across dance styles select approximately 12 Youth Dance pieces for performance at the London Regional Dance Platform.

Groups are shortlisted based on the below criteria:

  • Demonstrate excellence in performance
  • Present excellent and engaging choreography*
  • Show dancers taking clear ownership of the choreography, which is appropriate for their age and experience*
  • Demonstrate respect and consideration to all (demonstrated through both the group’s
  • conduct and the appropriateness of performance content).

*A note on choreography: Excellent work selected for the U.Dance National Festival in previous years has been created by group leaders, teachers, young people, professional choreographers and any number of collaborations. There is no preferred ‘type’ of choreographer and no weighting in the selection process is given to who created the piece

Groups will be notified if they are successful for the U.Dance 2023: London Regional Platform in early January 2023.

Schedule for London Regional Platform 

Successful applicants for U.Dance 2023:London Regional Platform join us for a day of dance on Sunday 26th February 2023 at Trinity Laban, including:

  • dance workshops with professional dance artists
  • a technical rehearsal (U.Dance on Stage groups)
  • a dress rehearsal (U.Dance on Stage groups)
  • an evening performance, including pieces for U.Dance on Stage and on Screen (U.Dance on Screen groups are invited to watch the performance)
  • lunch and dinner breaks throughout the day (participants are to provide their own food)

Successful groups will receive a detailed schedule for the day.

Tickets for the evening performance will be available to buy here from 30 January.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about applying for the U.Dance 2023: London Regional Platform, please contact Stella at s.rousham@trinitylaban.ac.uk.

For further information about U.Dance 2023 please visit One Dance UK