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As part of your application process, we require groups to send both a written application and digital or DVD footage of their piece by Friday 10 January 2020. We do not expect to see complete, polished pieces of work however we would like to view your piece as near to finished as possible. Groups will be judged on the criteria for the dance piece and not the quality or edit of their footage, however please follow these Do’s and Don’ts to ensure that your footage shows your dance piece as best it can.

Please note that the panel will be assessing the dance piece on the footage supplied and so it is important to show your dance piece and group in the best possible way. 

How to send your footage

There are a few options for how to send your footage to us:

  • URL link (e.g. YouTube link or Vimeo link)
  • DVD  (Please make sure that your DVD plays before sending)

Please use the Do’s and Don’ts to help you make sure that you give your group and dance piece the best possible chance with our panel.

Filming your dance piece 

Do’s Don’ts
Do make sure that your dance piece and group are well lit and clearly visible.  Don’t film in the dark.
Do make sure that you film the piece in a clear space (no bags or chairs around the edges) Don’t distract the panel with clutter in the room – they may be mistaken for props 
Do make sure that your full group are present on the day of filming (or as close to all)  Don’t  film a piece that should have 20 dancers with only 2 present.
Do make sure that your music can be heard.  Don’t use a phone to play music whilst filming – a sound system/stero is much better. Don’t have the public chatting in the background. 
Do make sure that you film the piece from the front.  Don’t film the piece from the side or back of the dancers. 
Do make sure that when played on a PC the footage plays the correct way up and is not on it’s side (you may need to change the orientation that you film it) Don’t forget to test this. You’d be surprised how many times we watch footage with our heads at a funny angle!
Do try to make sure that the piece is as close to finished as possible. Although we do understand that some pieces may be ‘works in progress’ at the time of application.  Don’t just submit small clips of the piece on their own. It is hard for the panel to picture what the final piece will look like if they’ve only seen this and have no information about what the finished piece will look like. 
Do back up your application with notes and information about the piece. This could include what your plan is for the rest of the piece, what the costumes will look like, how the piece will be staged etc.  Don’t forget to help our panel picture what it will look like when finished if submitting an unfinished or ‘work in progress’ piece. 
Do make sure that there is a clear start and finish.  Don’t have the dancers stood chatting casually at the back (unless this is part of your piece)

Submitting your dance piece

Do’s Don’ts
Do check that your DVD/ URL link of file works before sending  Don’t just send it without checking that it works 
Do check that we have recieved your footage/application if you do not hear from us  Don’t feel like you are pestering us, we would rather make sure that all your applications come through successfully. 
Do send any passwords that we need to be able to view your URL link (eg. if it is a private YouTube or Vimeo link) Don’t make your footage so private that our panel can’t watch it. 
Do label your DVD (not just on the CD case), Digital file or clip. Don’t leave it to us to guess which is your piece.
Do call us if you have any questions.  Don’t let footage submission be stressful and confusing.