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Professional Class 2021 is taking place on weekdays from 19-31 July – check out the class timetable.

The class descriptions will give you a sense of what to expect, and support you in choosing what classes to book.

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Alethia Antonia

19 & 20 July | 10:30 – 12:30

This is a physical and dynamic class that draws on influences from various movement styles and practices to explore possibilities of form, quality and musicality. The class will begin by developing awareness, strength, and mobility through the whole body. It will then build into improvisational explorations, set standing and floor work material, and will accumulate in a dynamic full-bodied sequence. Throughout the class, there will be an emphasis on individual exploration within structures to encourage noticing and developing on your own physical inscriptions and gaining new ones; promoting a grounded yet playful and autonomous approach to movement. 

Book from 1 July.

Gaga with Rebecca Scheinberg

21 July | 10:30 – 12:30

This Gaga class deepens dancers’ awareness of physical sensations, expands their palette of available movement options, enhances their ability to modulate their energy and engage their explosive power, and enriches their movement quality with a wide range of textures. The layering of familiar skills with Gaga tasks presents dancers with fresh challenges, and throughout the class, teachers prompt the dancers to visit more unfamiliar places and ways of moving as well, unlocking the endlessness of possibilities. Dancers are guided to connect their effort to pleasure and to discover the virtue of silliness. Please read these Gaga-Work-Instructions before the session so that you know what to expect and note that this class will be 1.5 hours long, followed by time for questions.

Book from 1 July.

Glenn Graham

22 & 23 July | 10:30 – 12:30

Glenn’s classes are designed to help individuals realise their own unique way of moving. The main emphasis is shifting the body around the space whilst finding rotations around the spine, exploring the use of weight and suspension. There will also be a collection of phrases that’s a fusion of Modern, Ballet and Contemporary techniques. 

Book from 1 July.

Flying Low with Ben McEwen

26 & 27 July | 10:30 – 12:30

In these sessions you will explore principles of floor work, through the material of Flying Low. Flying Low is a technique initiated by David Zambrano that uses simple movement patterns and principles (such as spiralling and alternating between expansion and cohesion) to dance our whole selves in, out and along the floor with safety, speed, efficiency and pleasure. Sessions will take a detailed look at the movements, breaking them down to allow everyone to find a way though the material that works for them, before putting it all back together for some full-bodied dancing. Long trousers (within reason) and covered shoulders are recommended to enable smooth transitions when sliding/ moving in, out and along the floor. 

Book from 1 July.

RelaxtoErupt with Lewis Cooke

28, 29 & 30 July | 10:30 – 12:30

RelaxtoErupt is a physically demanding movement methodology helping to discover 0% – 100% of energy and tension within the body and learn how often less is more in regards to momentum. During workshops the focus will be on utilising how expansive the body can be, whilst maintaining a constant search in what body parts we find habitual and uncomfortable when moving in and out of the floor, challenging our habits and trying to break our instinctual patterns. RelaxtoErupt focuses on playfulness, “child like curiosity” and a hunger to always push out of our comfort zones. You will also delve into Lewis’ 10+ years of amateur boxing training by focusing on striking & arm precision. 

Book from 1 July.