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Trinity Laban’s Professional Development Programme provides a choice of stand-alone, flexible training days for dance artists, teachers and community practitioners. Our training days will keep you up to date with the latest in research and practice.

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Dance Training Days 2018/9

Sat 08.12.18     From Teacher to Choreographer

Sun 09.12.18    Creative ideas for Primary settings

Sat 02.02.19     Dance for Health

Sun 03.02.19    Creative approaches for the older dancer

Sat 23.02.19     Three styles, One day

Sun 24.02.19     Inclusive Practice in Dance

Sat 06.04.19 +  Dance Science – Teaching dance safely
Sun 07.04.19     Dance Science – Teaching dance safely



Sat 08 Dec 2018, 10.00 – 17.00h
From Teacher to Choreographer

Through practical workshops, this day will provide you with a range of choreographic skills and tools: exploring ways in which dances can be structured, developed and prepared for performance.  Be prepared to move and try out new creative ideas, with resources to take away too.

Who for?
Dance artists, teachers and community dance practitioners working with young people and adults

Practitioner: Marie Forbes


Sun 09 Dec 2018, 10.00 – 17.00h
Creative Ideas for Primary Settings 

This course is led by a highly experienced Trinity Laban practitioner, Kit Smith. It explores a variety of themes and approaches for teaching creative dance to primary school age and early years children. It provides you with tasks that are fun and accessible for young children, so that you can be confident that you are developing their creativity and their movement skills. Lesson structures will also be considered.

Who for: This will be of interest to those teaching young children in a variety of settings.

Practitioner: Kit Smith


Sat 02 Feb 2019, 10.00 – 17.00h
Dance for Health

This practical course will explore dance facilitation within the broad spectrum of Dance for Health and Well-being contexts. Specific Trinity Laban Dance and Health projects/programmes will be opened up as case studies, to provide tangible approaches to dance practice that considers safe dance practice, accessibility, artistry and engagement in research.

Members from some of Trinity Laban's Dance for Health classes will also be taking part in aspects of the day.  

Who for?
This day will be of interest to those already working or intending to work within a range of Dance for Health and Well-being contexts.

Practitioner: Stella Howard and Bethan Peters


Sun 03 Feb 2019, 10.00 – 17.00h
Creative Approaches for the Older Dancer

This practical course explores a variety of approaches for teaching dance to a range of older dancers. It will provide participants with accessible methods of facilitating technical and creative dance experiences for older dancers, taking into consideration safe dance practice, delivery styles, content choices and artistry. The day will aim to build participants' understanding and confidence in leading dance for older dancers. 

Members from some of Trinity Laban's Dance for Health classes will also be taking part in aspects of the day.

Who for?
This day will be of interest to those already working with or intending to work with older dancers in a variety of settings.

Practitioner: Stella Howard and Bethan Peters


Sat 23 Feb 2019, 10.00 - 17.00h
Three Styles - One Day

The day will offer the opportunity to engage in three exciting dance styles: Hip Hop Foundations, Lindy Hop and Contact Improvisation. You will be inspired to bring these skills into your teaching practice in a fun and accessible way.

Who for?
Dance artists, teachers and community dance practitioners who are interested in exploring a new style or who would just like some inspiration in a familiar style.

Practitioner: Bethan Peters and Icy Ice


Sun 24 Feb 2019, 10.00 - 17.00h
Inclusive Practice in Dance 

The day will focus on issues of inclusive practice for teaching dance to children and young people with a range of physical and learning disabilities.  It will include teaching methodologies, strategies and ideas for devising creative dance sessions and be delivered by experienced artists from Trinity Laban, in collaboration with leading inclusive dance companies. 

Who for?
Dance artists, teachers and community dance practitioners working with integrated and inclusive groups of young people in various youth and community dance settings including secondary schools; or for those who are interested in more diverse practice.

Practitioner: Stella Howard


Sat 6 - Sun 7 Apr 2019, 10.00 - 17.00h
Dance Science – Teaching Dance Safely  

These day courses are led by Edel Quin MSc, FHEA. Programme Leader for BSc/MSci Dance Science, and Senior Lecturer in Dance at the University of Chichester.  

Each day can be booked as a stand alone day. The information is suitable for those teaching or leading dancers in any setting and in any style.

Sat 6 Apr
Day 1: topics covered include physical preparation for the dance class; anatomy and physiology; and class progression.

Sun 7 Apr
Day 2: topics covered include creating a positive learning environment for wellbeing; considering different dance populations; nutrition and hydration; injury management. 

Each day will include both practical and theoretical elements.

Who for? 

It is suitable for practitioners working in a range of dance styles who wish to improve their knowledge about safe dance practice. It covers the subject knowledge for Unit 4 of the Diploma in Dance Teaching and Learning. It will also of interest to those wishing to pursue the Healthy Dance Practice Certificate (HDPC) – awarded by Safe in Dance. Advice will be given about where to pursue this on Sunday. 

Practitioner: Edel Quin



Who are the Course Leaders?

Our high-quality courses are led by sector leaders including Trinity Laban Faculty staff

Please note that Trinity Laban's one-day Dance training days do not provide a qualification or accreditation in their own right. A certificate of attendance can be provided if required.


Organisation - £135
Schools or Employers paying for a practitioner to attend

Individual - £98
Personal payments by practitioners only

Trinity Laban Alumni - £85

Students - £35

*Twilight Sessions Cost

Organisation £40

Individual £30

Trinity Laban Alumni £20

Student £15

Bookings are usually taken through our Online Shop. However, if you are a school teacher and need us to invoice your school please email



Training Days that have already taken Place;

Sat 06 Oct 2018, 10.00 – 17.00h
Using Rudolf Laban’s Movement Analysis for Teaching Dance

A practical day that will include an introduction to Laban's analysis of movement as well as looking at ways that it can be used to structure and plan creative tasks, and dance sessions for children and people of all ages

Who for?
Dance artists, teachers and community dance practitioners new to teaching dance and those wanting to refresh their practice

Practitioners: Olga Maslenikova


Sun 07 Oct 2018, 10.00 – 17.00h
Teaching Dance Technique and Performance

Explore the why, what and how to teach dance technique with performance and artistry embedded.  This practical day will help you embody key principles of teaching including teaching approaches and strategies that you can take straight into your own practice. 

Who for?
Dance artists, teachers, students and community dance practitioners with an interest in developing and reflecting on their own teaching technique more effectively

Practitioner: Amanda Gough


Wed 24th Oct 2018, Twilight Session, 18.30 – 20.30h
Dance Science – Creating motivational climates

This bite-sized session will explore ways to motivate participants in the studio.  We will use Trinity Laban case studies to introduce some of our latest research as well as provide practical teaching examples for participants to embody practice that relates to our basic psychological needs, promoting growth and well-being.

Who for?
Dance artists, teachers, students and community dance practitioners with an interest in teaching technique more effectively

Practitioner:  Stella Howard

*For course fees, see twighlight fees  below.