Infographic about the Teach Through Music Model

Teach Through Music was designed as a ‘community of practice’ – in which a group of people with a shared concern, passion or intent learn together, from each other. The community were able to meet online, and at a series of events and short courses.

At the heart of this community were school employed classroom music teachers who were able to enrol for the full programme of activities. Inspire Events were open to others involved with KS3 music – such as cultural organisations, music hub personnel, peripatetic music teachers and visiting artists - while an active Twitter feed connected to a wider music education community.

A team of Teach Through Music Fellows provided coaching support and were active facilitators, writing blogs and contributing to events and short courses. TTM Fellows were all experienced KS3 music teachers and were led by Programme Supervisor, Keith Evans of University of Greenwich.

Our 'ethos' and aims:

Teach Through Music embodies the ethos of music as the dominant language of the classroom and teachers and pupils behaving as musicians, being empowered through creative ownership. We want to support teachers to invest in their leadership skills and subject knowledge. Through networking, debate, sharing and developing best practice, teachers discover new answers and approaches that are appropriate to their school. Our aim is to overcome the isolation of music teachers and invest in a community of practice where schools, hubs and music education partners draw on London’s unique cultural resources.

Original Programme Brochure (released July 2014)

To find out more about communities of practice, as defined by Beverly and Etienne Wenger-Trayner, please visit their website


How Will You Make KS3 Music More Musical in 2015-16?

“Continue to make assessment more musical, more whole-class playing and more opportunities to perform and make musical links outside the classroom” - Teacher Pledge. Final Conference 


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