These short films capture KS3 Music teachers in conversation about their experiences in relation to three key areas addressed within Teach Through Music – singing, composition and assessment. Each also captures how a different model of professional development supported them to develop their practice.

Whether you are KS3 teacher, music hub or cultural organisation, why not watch one of these films with colleagues? Take the opportunity, if you can, to discuss your own experiences and how you could work with others to support high quality teaching at KS3.

“I would like to talk things through and help to guide me in the right direction. I'm a department of one!”  – TTM Teacher Learning Goals Profile


Teach Through Music

Voice Works: Singing & Co-Design

This short film features Amy Haynes from Lister Community School in Newham and others involved in the Voice Works short course, talking about the development of singing as a musical learning activity. They discuss her experience of the Voice Works Course and her development in the area of singing at Lister. Voice Works was a Teach Through Music short course delivered by Sound Connections and led by Jane Wheeler of Living Song. It supported teachers to develop skills in vocal leadership and consider strategies to include every child in singing at Key Stage 3.

Voice Works Film Worksheet (PDF)

Teach Through Music

Assessment, A Community of Practice

This short film captures a number of KS3 music teachers from London schools talking about their approach to musical assessment. They discuss a range of issues that were sparked by our Principles of Musical Assessment Inspire Events, developed and delivered for Teach Through Music by Dr Ally Daubney (University of Sussex) and Professor Martin Fautley (Birmingham City University). It responded to difficulties encountered by teachers in developing or advocating for alternatives to the use of National Curriculum Levels in assessing musical progress.

Assessment Film Worksheet (PDF)

Teach Through Music

Listen Imagine Compose: Exploring Composing Through Action Research

This short film captures a number of KS3 music teachers from London schools talking about their teaching of composition. They discuss a range of topics from their own attitudes to teaching composition to how their teaching has changed as a result of Listen Imagine Compose, and the effect this has had on their pupils. Listen Imagine Compose is a partnership project between Sound and Music, Birmingham Contemporary Music Group and Birmingham City University.  It investigates how composing is taught and learned in secondary schools and draws on the expertise of teachers and their pupils, composers, music education academics and arts organisations. Listen Imagine Compose delivered a short course for Teach Through Music, led by Pam Burnard of Cambridge University.

Listen Image Compose Film Worksheet (PDF)


“At the start of the project 1 student in the class was having peripatetic music lessons.  After the project 8 students have taken up learning an instrument and have been soloists in the concert for other classes” - TTM Teacher Case Study