Beyond the Dots features a mix of classes with inspirational teachers, with an emphasis on creative group work and sessions that will expand participants' skill-sets ‘Beyond the Dots’. It's good fun with plenty of time to make friends and enjoy making music together.


A typical day runs from 9.30h to 16.30h, with time for breaks and lunch in between. At the end of the course, there will be an informal sharing event (Thursday 3 August 15.30–16.30h) to give you the opportunity to perform for each other and share some of what you've learnt. Below is an outline of each day, scroll down or click on the links to see the class descriptions

Registration: This year, participants are requested to arrive from 9.00h for registration on Tuesday 1 August.


Opening workshop  (45mins)


Ensemble (1h)


Morning Break (15mins)


Ensemble (1h)


Lunch (45mins)


Specialist Classes (1h30)


Afternoon Break (15mins)


Specialist Classes  (1h30)




Optional Information or Taster lessons


The course is suitable for young musicians (aged 11-19) with a minimum of 3 years' study on their main instrument who are multi-instrumentalists, music technologists, young musicians curious about expanding their skills in new areas of music, and classical musicians up for a challenge. Each individual’s course will be tailored to suit interests and artistic development. At the booking stage, participants can tell us about themselves and choose which specialist classes they would like to partake in.


Class Descriptions

Classes are led by members of the Trinity Laban Faculty of Music Senior and Junior teams, alongside established leaders and artists from the music and performing arts industry. There is a mix of group creative work, ensemble, and specialist classes each day, designed to inspire and challenge you.

The below programme is subject to change.


Opening Workshops

Each morning, participants will join together in the main space for a 45-minute whole group warm-up which will get the creative juices flowing, ready for the start of the day.

Tuesday 1 August: Movement & Beatboxing workshop with David Ogle 

Wednesday 2 August: STOMP-style Body Percussion with Ollie Tunmer

Thursday 3 August: Vocal Workshop with Lilli Unwin


Morning Ensembles

Participants will be allocated into ensembles, based on the information provided in the booking questionnaire. These groups, focusing on a choice of either contemporary repertoire, creative music making or creative music technology, offer participants the opportunity to work intensively within their ensemble alongside a lead tutor over the three days. 

Contemporary Ensemble with Darren Bloom

For all levels and instruments, this ensemble will focus on contemporary music, covering aspects of contemporary techniques, such as graphic scoring.

Creative Ensemble with Joe Browne 

for all levels and instruments. This ensemble will have a focus on creating your own new material within your ensemble.

Music Tech Ensemble with Gawain Hewitt 

for all levels, this ensemble will use readily accessible technology to work on a collaborative work to share at the end of the summer school.


Specialist Classes

On Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons, participants will split into a choice of specialist classes (a choice of two is offered at booking).

Tuesday 1 August

Looping with Cate Ferris – using instruments, improvise and create music with recorded loops as part of a group.

Open Jazz Jam with Joe Browne - explore jazz standards and enjoy a taster of jazz improvisation.

Mindfulness for Young Musicians with Fiona McLean-Buechel - explore what it means to connect your body, mind and emotions as a performer.

Wednesday 2 August

Songwriting with Lazy Habits – with a lyrical focus, you will develop your songwriting technique and learn how to construct a song.

Music Tech Performance Practice with Gawain Hewitt - Discover creative ways music tech can be applied and used as a sound artist.

Musical Movement with Miriam Wakeling - Discover how movement can aid your musicianship, benefitting your balance, posture and sound.


 Optional Trinity Laban Information Sessions

After hours on Tuesday and Wednesday, we have two optional sessions for participants and parents to find out more about Animate Orchestra, our creative orchestra for the 21st Century, Junior Trinity, our Saturday programme for budding young musicians, and Trinity Laban's Undergraduate Music Programmes. This is a great opportunity for you and your parents to see how you can continue your musical journeys with Trinity Laban after the end of Summer School 2017.