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The Faculty of Dance has a dedicated costume department which resources the performance-rich curriculum.

Our approach is to maintain a high standard of production values for performance, and to adopt and advocate a contemporary and forward-thinking approach to performance design and production.

Highly skilled costume staff work closely with students on the creation of costumes, both for students’ own works, and for larger group projects, choreographed by established international dance artists.

Costume involvement and investment of resources increase with a student’s progression through his/her training, and students are encouraged to engage with the costuming of their own performance practice during their time in the Faculty of Dance.

Annually, design staff collaborate with innovative choreographers and highly skilled dancers to create costumes for three new pieces of contemporary repertory for Transitions Dance Company, creating ground-breaking and visually engaging work for national and international audiences.


The Costume Department contributes to much of the design teaching and collaborative practice which takes place within the Faculty of Dance, for example during BA1 Creation and Performance 1: Performance Workshop and BA2 Extending Dance Practice: Performance Design.

As part of this latter component, students work alongside professional designers from Faculty of Dance: Production and Costume, and are exposed to practices in operation in the professional domain of production design.

At all levels of costuming, students are encouraged to consider the broader visual context in which their work exists, and are presented with methods to assist them in articulating, visually and verbally, their ideas and needs. In this way, students learn techniques in negotiation and other valuable, transferable, collaborative skills.

Annually, we train a Costume Graduate Intern; many of our Graduate Interns have progressed to highly successful careers in the professional global dance and associated theatre workplace.

Costume Staff

Suzie Holmes Head of Costume and Lecturer in Performance Design
Suzie Holmes
 Lizzie barker Costume Supervisor
Lizzie Barker
Florence Meredith Senior Costume Technician
Florence Meredith