Exploring the Science Behind the Art.

Dance Science is a fast-growing area of research and study; it aims to investigate the quantitative and qualitative aspects of dance training and performance, combining a range of scientific disciplines into a flexible working practice for dancers, choreographers and dance teachers.

By recognising the dancer as an artistic athlete, Dance Science researchers strive to:

  • optimise the dancer's potential as an elite performer through areas such as physiology, psychology, nutrition, and biomechanics; and

  • examine the impact of dance on areas of health and well-being among other populations.

It is an exciting time to be in Dance Science as the questions emerging from the field far outweigh the answers. Those involved in Dance Science are successfully generating the research and employment opportunities of the future.


Dance Science at Trinity Laban

Trinity Laban's Role in Dance Science

  • Trinity Laban is known internationally as a leader in Dance Science. We were the first institution in the world to offer an MSc in Dance Science in 2001, and an MFA in Dance Science in 2016.

  • We are one of the founding partners of the UK’s National Institute of Dance Medicine and Science (NIDMS) offering education, conducting research and providing clinical services for the dance profession.

  • Our department has a strong connection with the International Association for Dance Medicine Science (IADMS). In 2003, [Trinity] Laban hosted the IADMS annual conference. Our Head of Dance Science, Dr Emma Redding, is past-president and current member of the IADMS Board of Directors. Our Master’s Programme Leader, Edel Quin, founded the IADMS Student Committee and serves on the Dance Educators Committee and the editorial team for the IADMS Dancer and Teacher Bulletin.


Trinity Laban is a partner of

National Institute of Dance Medicine and Science

Dance Science Contact

Please contact us at dancescience@trinitylaban.ac.uk