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Kate Johnson

Teaching Staff


Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance
Faculty of Dance

Laban Building


Area of Work

Choreography and Performance
Kate Johnson


Kate teaches choreography and performance on Trinity Laban’s BA Contemporary Dance

Kate studied fine art at Goldsmiths and choreography at TrinityLaban. As a choreographer, she works collaboratively across art forms and has exhibited kinetic sculpture at CPG London; film at the One Take Film Festival, Zagreb; and choreography at Tripspace London.

For the past few years, Kate has been creating a series of dance scores for use in everyday situations, with a particular focus on relationships and mood. Where and how these scores exist, in terms of location and medium, is an important aspect of this work.

Her current collaboration, with artist Lili Murphy-Johnson and dancers Kirsty Alexander and Lily Paine, is an exploration of the act of “doing” through film and dance and uses film as an integral part of the choreographic process.

Previous collaborations have been with dance artist Marina Collard, poet Carol Watts, and film maker Ros Cheshire.


As a dance animateur for Yorkshire Dance, Swindon Dance, Cambridgeshire and Rambert, Kate has taught in a variety of community settings. She has also taught at Barnsley College of Art, Lewisham College and London Contemporary Dance School.