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Intersections is a community music programme which partners Trinity Laban students with charities serving marginalised young adults in Southeast London.

Over 6 weeks, Trinity Laban students work with the young adults to compose, play, and perform music that explores identity.

Intersections is a community music programme which partners Trinity Laban students with charities serving marginalised young adults in Southeast London, to compose, play, and perform music that explores identity. Each year, Trinity Laban students will develop a six-week community music workshop to be facilitated at a charity in Southeast London. This is a student-led project in which students receive mentorship from the Public Engagement Team and a professional community music facilitator.

Founded by Garrett Snedeker, recipient of the 2019-2020 Fulbright-Trinity Laban Postgraduate Award and the 2020 Barzun Prize for Youth Engagement, Intersections is funded in conjunction with the US-UK Fulbright Commission and Matthew Barzun, former US ambassador to the UK. October 2020 to February 2021 marked the inaugural year of the programme.

Get involved – Information for Trinity Laban students

Intersections 2022-2023 will begin in the first week of CoLab (13-17 February) and conclude in the final week of March 2023. To sign-up for this project, look out for the CoLab project ‘Intersections’ when the CoLab proposal list is released and select this as one of your top choices.

We are looking for 6 Trinity Laban students to work with a mentor throughout the week of CoLab to learn the fundamentals of workshop delivery. From fun warm ups to differentiation, you will create and rehearse musical workshops based on the needs of the young adults based at our partnered South East London charity.

We will be recruiting a student leader to help manage this project in the September 2022 Induction period. Throughout this role you will be supported by the Public Engagement Team to develop your skills in project management, leadership and workshop facilitation.

Please visit us on the ramp at Freshers’ Fayre to find out more and enroll on our Moodle Page to receive the latest updates and opportunities. If you are a Trinity Laban student who is interested in taking part, please email L& to register your interest.

Image for Intersections 2021-22

Intersections 2021-22

Avery Hill Youth Club

Four Trinity Laban students collaborated with an enthusiastic group of young adults from Avery Hill Youth Club throughout January and February 2022. Battling with storm Eunice along the way, their final outcome resulted in an epic musical work full of self-reflection from the young adults at Avery Hill Youth Club.

Nonsense Score

Intersections 2020-21

METRO - Shine, Greenwich

The Intersections project premiered January-February 2021 during the lockdown periods of the Covid-19 pandemic. Delivered online and led by founder Garrett Snedecker, Trinity Laban students worked with young adults from the charity Metro Shine. Metro Shine is a safe space for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, non-binary, queer and questioning young people in Greenwich and Bexley. Watch the final outcome of the project below.

Watch the video
Image for Intersections 2022-23

Intersections 2022-23

Avery Hill Youth Club

Avery Hill Youth Club was a song writing hub this March when students from Trinity Laban worked with creative young adults to compose songs on the theme of colours. Colours hold a lot of potential for song writing material. After all, we all have our favourite colours and so often we associated them with emotions and other factors of life. During the first week, the colour of choice was blue and students created a calm groove called Inner Peace to reflect blue skies and the ocean. By week three, the theme turned to the colour orange. To the group, orange conjured feelings of friends, heat, and summer vacations. Listen to the final product below!

Summer Song