Fundamental Screening Package

Trinity Laban’s Dance Science and Health departments are excited to announce that we are now offering our specialist dance screening services to the wider dance sector. Our Screening and Profiling Service takes place on specific dates throughout the year.

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Pricing Options

 For the full fundamental screening package, including the functional Physiotherapy screen:

  • £95.00 per individual

  • Concessionary rate of £80.00 for members of One Dance UK

This service is offered as part of Trinity Laban's partnership with the National Institute of Dance Medicine and Science.  


Please call Trinity Laban Health on: 020 8305 9479/020 8305 9482 or book online.

Once you have registered and logged in, please click the 'Dancer Screening' tab. If you are eligible, and wish to receive the concession rate online you must have your membership activated first. Please contact Trinity Laban Health for further information.

There are a limited number of places available so book early to avoid disappointment.

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What is Screening?

The Screening and Profiling Service is a multidisciplinary approach to assessing your potential injury risks and enhancing your performance. The Dance Science team will use a variety of dance specific, carefully researched assessments, to look at your fitness, strength, flexibility, body composition and endurance. During the session you will also be seen by a dance specialist physiotherapist, who will cater the short session for your needs. After the session is finished you will meet with a member of the Dance Science team to discuss your results and how you can apply this new knowledge back into your training. An added benefit to this screening session is that you will gain access to The Dancer Wellness Project ( where you can view you own results on your private, secure profile online and gain access to video tutorials for increasing strength and flexibility in specific areas based around your screening results. 

All of the dance science team are highly experienced in delivering the screening sessions and have all completed an MSc or PhD in Dance Science, as well as all of them having a background in professional dance performance and/or training. Our qualified Physiotherapist's specialise in the assessment and treatment of dancers in training as well as working professionals.

What are the benefits of Screening?

  • Assess your level of fitness
  • Track your training progress
  • Address potential injury risk
  • Achieve your optimal performance potential
  • Individual one-to-one feedback sessions and a personal report will allow you to apply the latest theories and research findings directly to your personal artistic practice.

What is involved in Screening?

The screening takes approximately 1.5 hours and includes the following assessments:

  • Body Composition and Anthropometric Measurements:

The body composition analyses will provide you with an in-depth profile of your body's shape, size, and composition. This involves measuring your height and weight to derive your Body Mass Index (BMI) and measurements with skinfold callipers and tape measures to estimate your percentage body fat and different body dimensions. Performers should aim to maintain a healthy BMI along with a healthy body composition in order to optimise performance.

  • Range of Motion/ Flexibility Measurements:

Joint range of motion and muscle flexibility are often important aspects of dance performance.  This series of tests focuses on hip range of motion and surrounding muscle flexibility in a number of planes of movement.

Measurements are taken both actively (meaning that the leg is actively lifted into flexion, engaging the muscles of the leg in the action) and passively (meaning that the tester guides the leg to its maximum flexion, allowing the musculature to release). Functional and healthy active and passive hip range of motion can be an important factor for optimal performance potential and reducing injury risks.

The single leg raise test is an indicator of the range of motion and muscle flexibility (with a particular focus on the hamstring muscle group) of the hip joint in flexion.

Turn-out and turn-in (hip-rotation) are measured using a specially designed foot plate (Functional Footprints) which assess active hip rotation.

  • Muscular Strength, Endurance and Power Measurements:

Functional upper body muscular strength, endurance and power are important in many movements, in particular for performing lifts and upper-body weight bearing actions. Muscular strength, endurance and power in the lower limbs are important to be able to propel your body through space, such as in jumps or travel sequences.

The tests included in this series will measure core muscular endurance (sustaining a plank position), upper body strength and endurance (press-up test), lower limb power (maximal vertical jump height) and lower limb endurance (repetitive jump test).

  • Functional Physiotherapy Assessment:

Undertake a functional assessment with our Physiotherapist to investigate previous injury history and evaluate potential risk for future injury. The range of assessments carried out by the Physiotherapist are designed to uncover any potential injury risk factors present in the body, such as specific tightness, weakness, range of motion restrictions and/ or muscular imbalances. This will therefore give you invaluable information about your body and allow you to take steps to reduce these risks through training, before injury occurs

Optional Extra: Dance Specific Fitness Testing

(This costs an extra £12.00 per individual)

The Dance Aerobic Fitness Test assesses your aerobic fitness within the specific context of dance activity. The test consists of five stages of dance movement, each four minutes in duration. As the test progresses throughout each stage, the intensity, movement and tempo will gradually increase and therefore become more demanding on the aerobic energy system. The different stages are designed to represent intensities experienced by dancers in both class and performance.

This test was developed here at Trinity Laban and was the first scientifically validated aerobic capacity fitness test for dancers.

Please see further information about this test here or visit the online shop to order your copy of the DVD/CD testing pack.