Empowering you to take artistic risks, CoLab is an exceptional learning opportunity which will enable you to learn and think differently.

In facilitating your engagement with a wide range of artists and art forms from across the worlds of music, dance and beyond, CoLab offers an unparalleled insight into the creative process. You will be able help determine the projects undertaken, with senior students invited to take leading roles in many of the projects on offer.

For more information about CoLab projects both past and present please visit our blog and our student blog.
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Soundtrack used with the kind permission of Stompy's Playground


Photos: Lidia Crisafulli

CoLab 2016 Gallery

Video: CoLab Horizons


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Student Testimonial

"[During CoLab] we get to collaborate with people that we wouldn’t normally work with – I’m a classical musician, but over my four years at Trinity Laban I’ve worked with jazz musicians, dancers from the dance faculty, singers… It’s actually amazing what you can learn from these different disciplines; it’s been a really valuable experience for me.|

Jon Frank, BMus Performance, French Horn