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Dance Summer School 2022 is taking place on the 25 July – 5 August.

Choose from our diverse programme of Contemporary Dance, Ballet, Flying Low, Choreography, Hip-hop and much more.

Contemporary Level 1, and 2/3 (Release) – Marie Forbes

Marie teaches a Limón and Release based class that explores transfer of weight, fall and recovery with an emphasis of the use of breath.  Using the principles of Limón technique her class utilises the use of weight and breath to encourage movement that works with the body rather than against it.

Expect classes to be joyful yet challenging and tailored to the individual needs of the participating dancers.


Contemporary Level 1, and 2/3 – Akshay Sharma

Akshay will be sharing elements of his own movement practice that looks at verticality and the relationship of the body to the space. We will work with patterns of connection in the body and patterns of movement that will be explored through given phrases and improvisation.


Flying Low Open Level – Ben McEwen 

We’ll be taking a look at floorwork, through the material of Flying Low. This is a technique initiated by David Zambrano that uses fundamental movement patterns and principles (such as spiralling movements that alternate between expansion and cohesion) to dance our whole selves in, out and along the floor with speed, efficiency… and pleasure! We’ll take a detailed look at the material, breaking it down to find functions that work for each of us, then we’ll put it back together for some full-bodied dancing!

*We highly recommend wearing long trousers (within reason!) and covered shoulders, to avoid first-day friction burns.


Introduction To Cunningham Technique, and Contemporary Level 2/3 (Cunningham) – Fred Gehrig

Cunningham technique was developed by Contemporary Dance pioneer Merce Cunningham. His Western post modern views (he was a scholar of Martha Graham) were highly influenced by Eastern philosophies such as Taoism (through John Cage). The meaning of movement is movement. Cunningham-based classes place emphasis on a progressive combination of lines and shapes of the body in space. Prominent movements include curves, tilts and high releases as well as rhythmically defined leg work (influenced by George Balanchine).

Cunningham-based technique classes build from structured standing exercises to bold travelling sequences, engaging the whole body and mind, increasing stamina and at the latter part of a week’s studies classes culminate in bold jumps. The student needs to be curious as the class strives to improve technique and musicality, and increase the participant’s dance vocabulary. The shared work will acknowledge the dancer’s individual approach and thus enhance confidence.


Ballet Level 1, and 2/3 – Kasper Cornish

Class is led with an emphasis on musicality, movement dynamics and artistry. We will explore the physics and physiology of balance and turning as well as enjoy the thrill of grand allegro.


Ballet Level 1, and 2/3 – Otis Carr

Otis’s classes focus on learning, developing and building upon your current knowledge, perceptions and understanding of Classical Ballet as functional technique. Otis aims to invite you to the form by being transparent and clear, introducing vocabulary whilst focusing on exercises, intention and desired outcomes. We will work to build an understanding of appropriate force, effort, alignment, articulation and performance elements to enhance your overall technical training.


New Adventures Company Class – Open Level

Join New Adventures Dance Artists as they share a unique insight into company class and experience how company members prepare for rehearsals and performances.


New Adventures Company Repertoire & Creative Session – Open Level

New Adventures Dance Artists share repertoire from Matthew Bourne’s productions and deliver a creative session that gives insight into how the movement is created.

This group will share some of this work informally at the end of the two weeks.


Boy Blue Flava & Grooves (Hip-hop, Open level)

These sessions will mix and blend hip hop foundations, hip hop social grooves and Boy Blue vocab.  2022 is Boy Blue’s 21st anniversary year, come and learn the key moves and grooves which have created the company’s iconic style.


Boy Blue Commercial Edge (Hip-hop/commercial Open Level)

These workshop sessions will focus on using hip hop elements in a commercial setting.  Think Boy Blue moves and grooves with a music video vibe.

This group will share some of this work informally at the end of the two weeks


Tanztheater Open Level – Adrian Look

Adrian teaches a contemporary dance theatre class, inspired by the aesthetic of Pina Bausch and the beautiful strength and artistic expression of Tanztheater. The exercises and sequences in this class are very precise in dynamic, shape and intention. The main goal, however, is to use the technique in order to express an emotional state. The class aims to let go of any unnecessary extras and consequently strives to use conscious and meaningful movements. This class is expressive, strong and artistic and will allow you to visualize your emotional state, let yourself go and experience your art on a deep level best described as “losing yourself in dance”.


Choreo Lab, Open Level – Ben McEwan

This year’s Choreolab offers the opportunity to explore ‘instant composition’. Improvisation is often used as a way of creating dance material that can then be choreographed. In these sessions we’ll treat those two processes as one; creating instant compositions that rigorously and playfully bring our pathways, phrases and movements in relation to others’ in space. Using tools for opening our attention and sharpening our decision making, we’ll then create instantly composed pieces together.

We’ll be building from the fundamentals, so there’s no need to have dance improvisation experience, or if you’re not a confident improviser this approach might help to demystify the art of making it up as you go along!

This group will share some of this work informally at the end of the two weeks.


Yoga Open Level – Shamita Ray

Shamita teaches her own style of flowing, Vinyasa yoga that combines the precision and alignment of Iyengar, with the breath and dynamism of Ashtanga. She enjoys being creative in her classes, and loves challenging participants to discover what their bodies are truly capable of, while maintaining a sense of humour and playfulness. Using her background as a dancer, she will offer imaginatively choreographed sequences that move seamlessly from one posture to another, in a dance-like flow of breath and movement. All levels of practitioners are welcome – the classes will progress from an introduction to the nuts and bolts, eventually leading to more challenging, but fun, postures. At the end of each week, the class will also include a blissful gong relaxation.


Dance Science – An Introduction, Open Level – Various Teachers

The exciting and growing field of Dance Science explores areas such as mental and physical preparation, injury prevention and performance enhancement, all of which will be covered across the two-week course. In these open level sessions, you will cover topics such as effective warm-ups and cool-downs, flexibility and psychological skills training.  You will also have the opportunity to test the components of fitness required for dance using specialist equipment in the Dance Science Lab. There will be different types of activities including lectures, practical workshop sessions and mini-tasks, all to help you engage with the physiological and psychological aspects of Dance Science.