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Dance Summer School  2024 will take place Monday 29 July – Friday 9 August at the Laban Building.

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Dance Summer School is an intensive two-week course, and therefore it is not suitable for complete beginners, or those who have never danced before.

Class Level Information

Please bear in mind that you can select different levels in different techniques depending on your dance experience.
For example, if you have some previous Ballet experience but have limited Contemporary dance experience you might choose to attend a Level 2 Ballet class and a Level 1 Contemporary class.

Level 1

Level 1 classes offer a comprehensive introduction to a style or technique at a moderate pace. They are suitable for people with basic or no experience of the chosen style, or more experienced movers with lower levels of stamina. Level 1 classes focus on enjoyment and developing confidence to help you to explore and improve the essential foundations of a technique or style.

Level 2

Level 2 classes offer the opportunity to build on existing skills in the style or technique at a faster pace than Level 1 classes. They are suitable for participants with considerable experience of – and proficiency in – the class style (or a similar one), who are confident in learning and executing movement. Level 2 classes focus on enjoyment, developing confidence and enhancing the execution of the style through increasingly complex phrases and sequences.

Level 3

Level 3 classes offer the opportunity to explore complex material at a fast pace. They are suitable for participants with a high level of stamina and skill, and substantial experience in the style/technique (or a similar one). Typical Level 3 participants have studied dance professionally or are intending to in the near future.

Open Level

Open level classes are suitable for participants of all abilities, except complete beginners.


Class Descriptions

Session 1 Classes

Contemporary – Level 1 – Hannah Cameron

These dynamic release-based classes will explore the basic principles of contemporary dance technique. We will combine improvisation and set movement material to explore efficient and expressive ways of moving. At the start of class, we will draw upon yoga principles, fundamental movement patterns and somatic practice to develop our body awareness and sensitivity. We will move towards learning dynamic movement sequences with a focus on alignment, co-ordination, and timing. Throughout the class we will let go of unnecessary tension, discover efficient ways to move into and out of the floor, and find a free and full-bodied approach to moving in space. You can expect a playful and inclusive environment that works to develop confidence, curiosity, and collaboration.


Ballet – Level 1 – Kasper Cornish

You’ll be introduced to classical ballet terminology, placement, lines and movements. We’ll investigate the origins and evolution of ballet through the relationships of movement, rhythm, phrasing and tempo. You’ll develop your sense of physical freedom and momentum through repetition and performance, with classes designed to be enjoyable and accessible.


Contemporary – Level 2 – New Adventures Company Artist

Class description to follow.


Ballet – Level 2 – Nandita Shankardass

We will dive into ballet technique with a healthy, holistic approach. The class will introduce the perspective to understand how to train our unique bodies with awareness, by encouraging supportive alignment for functionality and efficiency of movement. The class will instil focus, balance, coordination, and strength. You will build a relationship to the space and move with musicality.


Contemporary – Level 3 – Gerrard Martin 

Class description to follow.


Session 2 Classes

Contemporary – Level 1 – Nandita Shankardass

Inspired by both eastern and western movement practices, this class will empower connections and pathways within the body to find a healthy flow for embodied moving to access and generate power and expression. Classes will highlight impulse, flow and rhythm invigorated and inspired by the energies of the natural elements. We will cultivate an intimate relationship with the ground and space around us, and tune in to our emotions to colour movements with different qualities and dynamics. There will also be space for improvisation to explore and follow one’s own intuitive and instinctive ways of moving. 


Contemporary – Level 2 – Gerrard Martin 

Class description to follow.


Ballet – Level 2 – Kasper Cornish

We’ll look further into the sequencing of instructions to underpin the strength and security of classical ballet turns, jumps and adage. We’ll investigate some advanced technical enchainments with less familiar rhythmical frameworks. You’ll develop your stamina and explore techniques to adapt physically to the more demanding class work based on repertoire. Classes are balanced with focus on both physical and performance technique.


Contemporary- Level 3 – Hannah Cameron

Drawing upon a wide range of influences, Hannah’s dynamic release-based class focuses on building a rich sensory awareness of the dancing body. These classes will combine improvisation, experiential anatomy tasks and lots of set movement material to explore efficient and expressive ways of moving. There will be a strong focus on efficient alignment, finding freedom in the joints, integrated connectivity patterns and clear movement intention. We will move through expansive travelling phrases that come in and out of the floor, exploring movement quality, musicality, and performance. In a supportive environment you will be encouraged to find a free and full-bodied approach to moving with a focus on technical clarity and the enjoyment of moving together.


Ballet – Level 3 – New Adventures Company Artist  

Class description to follow.


Session 3 Classes

Boy Blue Flava & Grooves (Hip-hop Foundations) – Open Level – Boy Blue Company Artist

These sessions will focus on Hip Hop Foundational movement.  We will be breaking down the understanding of Grooves to develop execution and choreographic performance.  Expect fun, high energy, dynamics, texture and execution performance tips with Boy Blue Moves & Grooves


Creative (Contemporary) – Open Level – New Adventures Company Artists, Ashley Shaw, Dominic North

This class is an opportunity to experience and explore creative tasks taken from Wayne McGregor’s choreographic practice.


Flying Low – Open Level – Amarnah Amuludun

Class description to follow.

We highly recommend wearing long trousers and covered shoulders to avoid friction burns.


Jazz Technique – Open Level – Rhiane Drummond

In this class we’ll take a modern twist on classical jazz technique, reflected in the up to date and current music choices throughout. You will come away with a wide knowledge of core jazz technique skills, as well as improving on your overall fitness and energy levels required for dance training.


Tanztheater – Open level – Adrian Look

We’ll embody the Tanztheater philosophy by using authenticity and depth to combine technique and improvisation into a unique and artistic form of expression.

Our goal during the classes will be to use the technique to express an emotional or physical state. Through exploring your creativity, strength and artistry you’ll visualise your own inner world, let yourself go and lose yourself in dance to experience your art on a deeper level.


Session 4 Classes

Boy Blue Creative Toolbox & Repertoire – Open Level – Boy Blue Company Artist

Learn Boy Blue tools and devices, such as Form, Formula & Frequency, created by Boy Blue’s Co-Artistic Director Kenrick ‘H2O’ Sandy and learn repertoire from past productions and vocab from iconic Boy Blue pieces.


Repertoire (Contemporary) – Open Level – New Adventures Artists, Ashley Shaw and Dominic North

Class description to follow.


Flying Low – Open Level – Amarnah Amuludun

Class description to follow.

We highly recommend wearing long trousers (within reason) and covered shoulders, to avoid first-day friction burns.


Jazz Repertoire – Open Level – Rhiane Drummond

Implementing your core jazz skills, you will learn jazz repertoire from a variety of different shows. This will focus on building character and boosting jazz musicality.


Choreo Lab – Open level – Adrian Look

For this session we will focus on the devising techniques used in Tanztheater. The unique Questioning and Answering approach allows for a wide range of authentic creations. You will be presented with techniques and tools from both the dance and the theatre world to devise and create your own choreography. You will also be given material to take away for further study or to use for your own work in the future.



Class Swaps

We cannot accommodate session change requests in advance of Dance Summer School starting.

Once Dance Summer School has started, we may be able to accommodate class swaps on or before Wednesday 31 July.  However, please note this is not always possible due to studio capacity. Therefore, please carefully consider your class choices before choosing your timetable, ensuring you read through all class descriptions and level information.