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Each academic year is divided into three terms: Autumn, Spring and Summer. At the start of each year, there is a one-week induction period that includes Freshers’ Week for new students.

Key information for the academic year 2022/2023

Induction: 12th September – 16th September

Term 1 (Autumn): 19th September – 16th December (Music),  9th December (Dance)

Term 2 (Spring): 9th Jan 2023 – 31st March

Term 3 (Summer): 24th April 2023 – 7th July (some dance programmes continue past this date)

CoLab: 13th Feb –  24th Feb 2023

Key information for the academic year 2023/24

Induction: 11th September – 15th September 2023

Term 1 (Autumn): 18th September – 8th December 2023 (Dance); 15th December 2023 (Music)

Term 2 (Spring): 8th January 2024 – 29th March 2024

Term 3 (Summer): 22nd April 2024 –  5th July 2024 (Music); 12th July 2024 (Dance)

CoLab: 12th February 2024 – 23rd February 2024

Please note that these are the term start and end dates for most programmes, but they may vary depending on the programme. See the full Academic Calendar 2023/24 below for full details on the term start and end dates.

Trinity Laban Academic Calendar 2023/24