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Virtual Orchestra

20 – 23 July

Be part of something epic! Lend your unique sound to create something big as part of a virtual orchestra, culminating in producing a music video with artist Ayanna Witter – Johnson. Meet new friends online and work together to create a sensational track for the online world to enjoy. You develop your listening, playing and recording skills alongside a team of professional musicians who will be with you every step of the way. You will need to be able to read music to a minimum Grade 3 standard or equivalent. 

Music Technology & Sound Design

21 – 24 July

With the only way to currently listen to, share and make music together being online, there has never been a more fruitful time for creative musicians to explore the possibilities of music technology and sound design. Go on a journey to find completely new ways to create, manipulate and combine sounds, and make art using technology. And discover how much you can do with both freely-sourced software and sounds from around the house and beyond!

Writing Music for Film

28 – 31 July

Films often come with an amazing soundtrack; think Harry Potter or Star Wars. The music accentuates the drama and excitement of the story, taking it to a whole new level. Get your creative ideas flowing by creating your very own film soundtrack, and write music that will get recorded by Trinity Laban musicians. By the end of the project you will have made a film clip with your own music synchronised to it. Whether you’re an experienced composer, or just starting out and keen to have a go at creating your own film score, this option is for you! Some experience of, and access to, music sequencing software – such as Garage Band, Audacity or Logic – is advised, but not essential.


29 – 31 July

Songwriters take inspiration from the most unlikely places, but real-life events and challenges are often a strong starting point. There has never been a better time to work on your song-writing skills to express yourself and your own unique style. Get 1-to-1 professional advice, support, and new ideas to help you turn your songs into something that draws people in and keeps them coming back for more.

To apply for any of our 2020 Young Musicians’ Summer Sessions, please complete our online application form.