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Performance Options

Choose from three Performance workshop options, and work towards being part of an exciting final performance. Experience the thrill of being part of an orchestra, band or creative ensemble.

Project Orchestra

There is nothing quite like playing in an orchestra. So many people, so many parts, all playing together to create one beautiful sound with soaring melodies and beautiful harmonies. You’ll meet new friends and work together with them to develop your listening and ensemble playing skills. This specially-formed ‘orchestra’ like none other will explore music from a variety of genres, collaborate with other musicians at the Summer School, and even get involved in creating some of its own arrangements.

Project Orchestra is ideal if you already play in a musical ensemble or if you have always wanted to give it a go but haven’t felt quite ready yet. For this option, you will need to be a confident sight-reader, and up for the challenge of being part of a unique mix of different instruments.

Creative Ensemble

Discover different approaches to writing music and improvisation to create your own music from scratch in a hands-on way. This option is ideal for anyone who is interesting in creating music collaboratively with other musicians, and you don’t need to be able to read music to join in. You just need to be able to play any instrument (including voice and music tech), be open to collaborating as part of a group, and have an adventurous spirit!


Explore what it’s like to play in a band, working with other like-minded musicians to create something new. Together you will write and rehearse a shared piece of music, each person bringing their own individual spice into the mix. Led by one of the UK’s most interesting genre-bending contemporary artists, this workshop is aimed at singers, instrumentalists and song-writers keen to expand their horizons as performers.

Skills-Building Options

Challenge yourself with new skills and broaden your all-round musicianship. Try out something different, get hands-on with a range of styles, techniques and approaches, and have lots of fun!

Jazz Improvisation

Develop your improvisation skills and experience the rush of making music in the moment. In these hands-on sessions, explore the rhythmic, harmonic and melodic foundations of jazz to help find your own voice while jamming as part of a group. Whether you’ve played lots of jazz or are just curious to find out more, this workshop is suitable for all adventurous musicians, whatever your instrument.

Writing Music for Film

Get your creative ideas flowing for writing for the big screen, with hints and tips to bring your music to life from one of the UK’s leading film composers. Learn how to use Logic Pro to create your score using samples, record instruments in the studio, and synchronise your music to film clips. To choose this option, you just need a good imagination. So whether you’re an experienced composer, or just starting out and keen to have a go at creating your own film score, this option is for you!


What are the ingredients of a brilliant song? These workshops will shine a light on the different elements of songs and inspire you to write your own. Benefit from professional advice and support to help you turn your songs into something that draws people in and keeps them coming back for more.

Music Technology & Sound Design

What is music? Who gets to decide what a musical instrument is or what constitutes performance? In these workshops, you will get to explore composition, art and performance through making musical instruments, code and electronics. Join award-winning artist and composer Gawain Hewitt for an exploration in making and sound.


Develop your vocal potential, building your confidence, self-awareness and all-round musicianship along the way. Guided by a leading UK vocal artist, you’ll be doing lots of singing as part of a supportive and collaborative group, and focusing in on song interpretation, performance and stagecraft. You will need to be confident and excited about singing in front of others: whether your background is pop, jazz, musical theatre or classical, or if you’re just starting to explore singing your own material or covers, come and find your voice in this workshop!

Loops, Layers & Arranging

Explore looping stations with your instrument, voice or anything that makes a noise! Looping is the art of seamlessly recording small sections of music and organising them to create whole arrangements. Looping stations are brilliant for creating repetitive music, but they can also be used to create longer pieces of music with multiple sections – that’s what we’ll explore in these workshops. Using instruments, vocals and samples, you’ll learn how to improvise, arrange and perform your own music using looping stations.