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Making Music with Others – a free MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) on Future Learn

Understand how to make music effectively with others. This online course will help you reflect on your own music-making activities and the way you interact with other musicians.

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Time Out While In – Natasha Lohan

Trinity Laban Inspired Not Tired · Time Out While In – Natasha Lohan

Time Out While In is an invitation to take some time to explore your breath and voice. The piece follows the structure of an embodied voice practice I have developed in my work with Trinity Laban’s Inspired not Tired groups. While we are unable to meet in our weekly circles I created this as a space in which to resonate. We begin with finding an awareness of the body and breath; once the circle of your breathing pattern is found, I invite you to let that evolve into toned singing, letting the voice grow from the breath. Improvise into the vocal texture as you feel, let your voice complete the circle.

Singing for lung health

Delivered by creative practitioner James Moriarty, these videos promote good lung health through singing to keep our mind and bodies engaged whilst at home. Visit James’s website to learn more about him.

Get Energised

In Harmony

Keep Calm

Adult Bite Sized Warm-ups

The Take Part at Home adult warm-up explorations are an invitation to tune into your body and explore your personal range of movement. Each warm-up is devised out of my practice with Trinity Laban’s Adult, Boundless and Dancing for Health groups, and aims to be inclusive to a range of ages and mobilities. They begin with drawing attention to specific areas of the body, before mobilising and improvising. You may wish to use the video as dance suggestions, or turn the screen away and use my voice as a guide. I invite you to take the explorations at your own pace, staying longer in moments that feel rewarding, and finding ways of moving that are enjoyable to your body.
Stella Howard (Trinity Laban Dance Artist)

Upper Body

Lower Body

Feet and Legs