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Leading Research

Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance has nurtured significant research in recent years, playing major roles in the commissioning and performance of new works and pioneering the development of innovative pedagogical approaches. The institution places an important emphasis on the exchange of knowledge and on public engagement activity, interaction with local communities, national and international business partners, as well as many members of the music and dance professions. Trinity Laban is particularly renowned for its Dance Science Department, who are known internationally as leaders in this specialised field; the institution was the first in the world to offer an MSc in Dance Science.


Musical Impact

Research projects in both music and dance are at the forefront of their respective disciplines, and where possible take inspiration from each other. One major example of this is the AHRC-funded Musical Impact collaborative research programme, which is designed to research the health and wellbeing of professional musicians and music students through several strands of research. Trinity Laban is leading on part of this research, which takes its cue from and builds on world-leading Dance Science research already undertaken by the institution, which has long been applied to optimise dancers’ potential as elite performers.