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We recommend that you use the guide below to see what level would most suit your background and experience.

Please bear in mind that you can select different levels in different techniques depending on your dance experience.
For example, if you have some previous Ballet experience but have never attended a Contemporary class you might choose to attend a Level 2 Ballet class and a Level 1 Contemporary class.

Level 1

Suitable for complete beginners, those who’ve danced the technique for less than a year, and those who haven’t danced for a long time and are refreshing their memory. The classes will focus on enjoyment and developing confidence as you learn the essential foundations of the technique.

Level 2

Aimed at people with a strong knowledge of the technique, who want to improve and develop their skills. Participants should be attending dance classes in the chosen technique on a regular basis and have a minimum of one year’s experience in this style. The classes will be faster-paced with more complex phrases and sequences.

Level 3

For those who are currently in full-time dance training or have completed a professional dance training course. These challenging classes will demand a strong standard of technique and a high level of fitness. Participants should expect fast-paced material to stretch facility and versatility, with a focus on performance qualities.

Open Level

For participants of all abilities.


We cannot accommodate session change requests in advance or during Dance Summer School. Do read the session descriptions carefully before booking.