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Please use the guide below to see what level would most suit your background and experience.

Please bear in mind that you can select different levels in different techniques depending on your dance experience.
For example, if you have some previous Ballet experience but have limited Contemporary dance experience you might choose to attend a Level 2 Ballet class and a Level 1 Contemporary class.


Please be aware Dance Summer School is an intensive two-week course, and therefore it is not suitable for complete beginners, or those who have never danced before.


Level 1

Level 1 classes offer a comprehensive introduction to a style or technique at a moderate pace. They are suitable for people with basic or no experience of the chosen style, or more experienced movers with lower levels of stamina. Level 1 classes focus on enjoyment and developing confidence to help you to explore and improve the essential foundations of a technique or style.

Level 2

Level 2 classes offer the opportunity to build on existing skills in the style or technique at a faster pace than Level 1 classes. They are suitable for participants with considerable experience of – and proficiency in – the class style (or a similar one), who are confident in learning and executing movement. Level 2 classes focus on enjoyment, developing confidence and enhancing the execution of the style through increasingly complex phrases and sequences.

Level 3

Level 3 classes offer the opportunity to explore complex material at a fast pace. They are suitable for participants with a high level of stamina and skill, and substantial experience in the style/technique (or a similar one). Typical Level 3 participants have studied dance professionally or are intending to in the near future.

Open Level

Open level classes are suitable for participants of all abilities, except complete beginners.


Class Swaps

We cannot accommodate session change requests in advance of Dance Summer School starting.

Once Dance Summer School has started, we may be able to accommodate class swaps requested on or before Wednesday 26 July.  However, please note this is not always possible due to studio capacity. Therefore, please carefully consider your class choices before choosing your timetable, ensuring you read through all class descriptions and level information.