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Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance redefines and reclaims the conservatoire for the 21st century, building on the long and valued legacy of our past, while embracing the new, experimental and unexpected to develop the artistic leaders of the future.

Our Vision

As a forward-thinking, contemporary conservatoire, Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance:

  • nurtures the individual voice and artistic personality of every student;
  • develops reflective, innovative, collaborative and resourceful artists and practitioners;
  • influences the future of its art forms through the contributions of its alumni and its research and creative practice;
  • enriches the cultural, social and economic life of its local, national and international communities.

Our Mission

Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance is an international artistic and educational community that brings together performers and practitioners to train, collaborate, research and perform in inspiring creative, intellectual and physical spaces.  We identify, support and develop talented and innovative performers and creators wherever they may be found and throughout their creative lives.

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Our Values

Our values describe the culture of Trinity Laban and the principles that underpin our decision-making.

We aim to be:

Artistically ambitious and experimental

The invention and achievement that characterises Trinity Laban derives from a long history of artistic risk-taking; we uphold the pioneering spirit of our founders by challenging convention and encouraging our students and staff to explore the boundaries of practice and thinking in our art forms.


We aim to be at the forefront of developments in our art forms and to equip our students with the attitudes and attributes to make life-long careers as confident and adaptable artistic leaders. We value and celebrate the achievements of our staff as members of the wider artistic and academic communities. We seek out, explore and embrace new possibilities, and are alert to the continual and rapid changes taking place in the social, cultural and educational environments in which we operate.


Collaboration is at the heart of our mission and our artistic practice. We seek to share the benefits of collaborative creative methods, languages and tools with partners in the arts industry and in education as well as within our own learning community. We form sustained and meaningful partnerships with like-minded organisations to achieve beyond our scale. We encourage cooperation not competition as the means to reach the very highest standards of performance.

Ethical and inclusive

We respect and value all members of our community, celebrating the contribution of a diverse population of students and staff in providing a rich learning experience and environment. We treat each other with fairness, friendship and honesty, and strive for the highest standards of conduct in all our dealings.

Socially engaged

We view the arts as a force for both personal fulfilment and social good, and seek to place music and dance at the centre of civic life. We promote to our students an ethos that esteems the active contribution of the artist in society, which we exemplify as an organisation that always looks outward and deploys its expertise and resources for the public benefit.


Our History

Our History

Our History
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About Us

About Us