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Research Degree Programme supervisors’ research interests and areas of supervision:

Aleks Szram DMA
Reader in Performance Studies

  • Piano Performance
  • 20th and 21st Century Performance Practice
  • Indeterminacy, aleatoric music and graph scores
  • Memorisation
  • Chamber Music
  • Critical Pedagogy
  • Online and blended learning environments
  Charles Linehan
Reader in Choreography

  • Choreography and film
Deirdre Gribbin PhD
Professor of Composition

  • Composition
  • The interface between music and theatre audiences
  • Music and interactive healthcare technology in practice and rehabilitation hospitals in Canada
  • Music and genetics
  • Composition as a developmental tool for young adults with cognitive delay
  • The music of Per Norgard
  • Orchestration and the capacity of acoustic sound
  • The role of women in music
  • Music written out of conflict
  • Audience participation and inclusive in contemporary music experiences
  • Music, new plays and dance
Dominic Murcott PhD
Professor of Composition

  • The interface between classical and popular music, 1960 to present
  • The music of Conlon Nancarrow
  • The music of Frank Zappa
  • The relationship between computer technologies and performance
  • Composition education practice
 Guy Harries Guy Harries PhD

  • Composition
  • Contemporary performance
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration
Gwyn Pritchard
Professor in Composition

  • Composition
  • Festival and Concert programming
Jonathan Owen Clark PhD
Professor of Aesthetics, Critical Theory and Arts Practice

  • Critical theory
  • Arts practice
  • Critical Theory and Historiography
  • Philosophical Aesthetics
  • Musicology and Performance Studies
  • Critical Pedagogy and Participatory Arts
  • Mathematical Music Theory
  • Musical Composition and Sound Design
  • Inter-Arts Collaborative Practice and Installation Art
Sam Hayden PhD
Professor of Composition

  • Composition (Acoustic and Digital)
  • Interactive Computer Music
  • Computer-Assisted Composition
  • Computer-Generated Notation
  • Contemporary Music Notation
Sophie Fuller PhD
Professor of Gender Studies in Music

  • Cultural Musicology, particularly late 19th and 20th century Britain
  • Gender, Sexuality and Music
  • Performance spaces for music
Naomi Lefebvre Sell PhD Naomi Lefebvre Sell PhD
Reader in Choreographic Practice

  • Creative Practice
  • Dance making
  • Choreographic process
  • Scoring, choreographic methodologies and documentation
  • Mindful moving and attendance to presence
Stephen Montague DMA
Professor of Composition

  • Composition
Hans Koller PhD

  • George Russell and the Lydian-Chromatic Concept
  • Counterpoint and post-tonal harmony in contemporary jazz composition
  • The music of Thelonious Monk, Charlie Parker and Lennie Tristano