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Students are classed by us and funding bodies as estranged if:-

  • They are ‘irreconcilably estranged’ from their parents on or before the first day of the academic year for which they are applying for funding and/or
  • They have had no contact with their parents for a period of 1 year on or before the first day of the academic year for which they are applying.

 It is recognised there are circumstances where relationships can become irreconcilable very quickly and we as an institution and student finance will recognise this. Trinity Laban & Student Finance will consider all cases.




Students under 25 are judged as being dependent upon their parent or carers whilst in Higher education. This does not apply if you are estranged from your parents. You will be treated as an independent student and parental income will not form part of your assessment for your student loan.

The form you will need to complete for Student Finance England in relation to this is below. 

Student Finance England 

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have different methods



Northern Ireland 

How to prove you are estranged

Although it is not always an easy subject to discuss, it is important that to address before you start or if you become estranged during your course.

When completing the above form you will need to get it completed by a professional third party, who is fully aware of your circumstances. This could be a counsellor, a teacher or former teacher, a social worker, the police, a support worker at a charity or your GP. If you did not tell anyone meeting this description, you may be able to prove in the form of proof of benefits relating to you. One Example could be child benefit being transferred to another carer, or that carer claiming Child Tax Credits or Universal Credit with you as a declared dependent.

You can get support from Student Service with this process, before or during your course of study.

When completing the form

You should include.

  • Specific dates of when the circumstance arose
  • You circumstances since that date
  • Who (if anyone) has been supporting you
  • Evidence of any benefits claim during this time
  • If you lived alone, evidence of this
  • Banks statements showing no payments from a parent

If you do not have any evidence you can opt to have a yearly telephone interview to determine your circumstance and to check for and additional evidence which arose in the last year. 

What we help with

  • We can prioritise you a room in McMillan Student Village
  • We can offer a bursary of £1250.00 per year via our Access Agreement
  • You will be able to apply for a Financial Support Grant via Student Services

Any questions please contact Student Services

For further advice Stand Alone is a charity providing advice to those estranged from their families. You can contact them directly for independent advice.

Stand Alone