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Dance Summer School 2020 is taking place on 20 - 31 July 2020.

2020 Timetable is not yet available. The 2019 programme of sessions, will give you an idea of what to expect for 2020. You can build the Summer School experience that you want.

This is our Summer School 2019 timetable. Tailor your own timetable to suit your needs. We look forward to seeing you in the studio. 


Dance Summer School 2019 Timetable

Session 1: 09.30h – 11.00h

Contemporary (Release)Level 1Hannah Cameron
BalletLevel 1Liora Goldwater
BalletLevel 2TBC
BalletLevel 2Christine Tanner (Wk1)/ Liz Alp (Wk2)
Contemporary (Release)Level 2Katie Cambridge 
ContemporaryLevel 2Fred Gehrig
Contemporary Level 2-3Various Guest Teachers
BalletLevel 3Kim Amundsen
ContemporaryLevel 3Ihsaan de Banya
PilatesOpen Levelluisa d'Ambrosio

Session 2: 11.30h – 13.00h

Contemporary (Release)Level 1 Katie Cambridge
Ballet Level 1Liora Goldwater
BalletLevel 2 Kim Amundsen
Contemporary (Flying Low)Level 2Leila McMillan
Contemporary (Release)Level 2Hannah Cameron
ContemporaryLevel 2Ihsaan de Banya
ContemporaryLevel 2-3Various Guest Teachers
BalletLevel 3Christine Tanner (Wk1) / Liz Alp (Wk2)
ContemporaryLevel 3 Fred Gehrig
PilatesOpen LevelLuisa d'Ambrosio

Session 3: 14.00h – 15.30h 

Contact ImprovisationLevel 1Kathy Crick
Hip Hop - FoundationsOpen LevelKloe Dean
TanztheatreOpen LevelAdrian Look
Dance Science - An IntroductionOpen Level Felicty Beach
Company ClassOpen LevelHofesh Shechter Company
Musical TheatreOpen LevelShannon Hudson
Urban African ContemporaryOpen LevelUchenna Dance
Gaga/ dancersLevel 2-3Natalie Iwaniec
Contemporary (Flying Low)Level 3Leila McMillan
YogaOpen LevelShamita Ray

Session 4: 15.45h –  17.15h

Contact ImprovisationOpen LevelKathy Crick
Hip Hop - ChoreographyOpen LevelKloe Dean
TanztheatreOpen LevelAdrian Look
FeldenkraisOpen LevelTBC
Company RepOpen LevelHofesh Shechter Company
Musical TheatreOpen LevelShannon Hudson
Urban African ContemporaryOpen LevelUchenna Dance
Gaga/peopleOpen LevelNatalia Iwaniec
Choreological StudiesOpen LevelOlga Masleinnikova (Wk1) / Sylvie Robaldo (Wk2)
YogaOpen LevelShamita Ray

Extra Activities 

We have also planned a schedule of additional events, free health sessions, social activities and more.

The 2020 schedule will be available in Feb 2020.