Financial Support

When planning to apply for a course at Trinity Laban, it is important to consider how you will finance your studies. In addition to tuition fees you will need to cover your living costs whilst you are a student here. There are various funding options available including bursaries, scholarships and external funding.

Tuition Fees

All students, whether undergraduate or postgraduate, must pay tuition fees. If you are a UK or EU undergraduate, you are automatically eligible for a loan to cover these fees from the Student Loan Company. For further information on the cost of each programme and how to pay, go to the Fees and Finance section. 


Scholarships are awarded:

  • for outstanding performance ability, demonstrated at audition;
  • for particular disciplines; and
  • in the form of a reduction in fees.

All successful applicants, postgraduate and undergraduate, are considered for scholarships, although the majority of awards are for postgraduate study. Have a look at the scholarships that are available.


For students who find themselves struggling financially whilst enrolled on a course at Trinity Laban, there are a limited number of bursaries they may be eligible to apply for through the Student Services Department. They are allocated on the basis of financial need and in the form of a contribution towards the cost of accommodation, tuition fees, general living expenses or external courses costs - depending on which Bursary is applied for.

For more information please contact either:

Alex Iossifidis (Student Adviser, Music Faculty)
[email protected]
(020) 8305 4412


Jennifer Asare (Student Adviser, Dance Faculty)
[email protected]
(020) 8305 9342

Please also refer to the Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance Access Agreement for additional information.

External Funding

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have sufficient funding to cover tuition fees and living expenses for your chosen period of study. You should not assume that you will receive financial support from Trinity Laban unless it has been offered in writing. Many trusts and funding bodies provide support for music and dance education, particularly at postgraduate level. The application deadlines for many of these awards are early in the autumn term prior to the main audition session. We strongly encourage you to apply for any external funding sources for which you are eligible (see link below). 


Under certain circumstances, you will be able to claim welfare benefits whilst you study or outside of term time. You can visit the NUS website and talk to a student adviser to check.

Budgeting and Spending Tips 

Before you commence on your programme of study, have a read of the below steps to help your plan your spending: 

1. Plan your spending

Figure out how much you are going to need to spend monthly on essentials like rent, bills, transport, etc., and then allocate the rest. You can use an online budget planner, work it out on paper or use a free smartphone app to keep track. International students can use a specific online budget planner as well.

2. Know your spending style

If you spend a lot when you're hungry, emotional, tired, bored etc.: recognise it! Next time you're feeling that way, beware and think of ways to prevent yourself from spending too much.

3. Ask the 7 questions

Before you buy something, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do I need it; do I want it?
  2. Can I afford it?
  3. Can I get it cheaper somewhere else?
  4. What will it be like to own it in a week's or month's time?
  5. Is it worth the money?
  6. Would I come back for it tomorrow?
  7. Will it be worth £1 A GO?

Ask yourself these questions at different points in the your purchase.

4. Target your weakness

Is there something small you regularly spend money on? Like a daily coffee, take-aways, non-packed lunches...?

Calculate how much this costs you and consider cutting down, replacing or eradicating this habit.

Cost of Living

Get a better idea about the cost of living in London

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