There are many places to look for financial assistance outside Trinity Laban, and it can often be hard to know where to start your search. You might be looking for funding towards your tuition fees and/or living costs for the current academic year, for subsequent years, or for study at postgraduate level. By clicking on the links below, you will find information about funding organisation directories, alternative funding opportunities and advice on the funding application process.

Much of the information provided here aims to help you explore what funding might be available to you from those charitable trusts and foundations that award funding to individuals for education and training.

Trusts and foundations are diverse in their approach to funding individuals and each will normally provide clear and concise funding guidelines, both in terms of who is eligible to apply and in terms of what they will fund (i.e. whether this is help towards tuition fees, maintenance (living costs), purchase of a musical instrument, or travel costs).

The amount that each trust awards to individuals will vary; it is likely that you will need to apply to a range of trusts to make up any deficit in your funding. Read more about the process of applying to trusts by clicking on the link for funding application advice.

Please be aware that many trusts have early deadlines, so you will need to allow plenty of time and start your funding search well in advance of the academic year for which you require financial support. You may find it more difficult, therefore, if you are looking for funding towards the current academic year; however, some trusts will accept applications submitted at any time of the year.

Postgraduate Loans for Master’s and Doctoral degrees for all eligible students who live in England.

Students starting a postgraduate Master’s or Doctoral course will be able to apply for a Postgraduate Loan.  The loan is a contribution to help with course related costs such as tuition fees and materials.  Any Postgraduate Loan balance is repayable and includes interest charged. For more information about Postgraduate Loans and how to apply go to:


Advice From Staff In The Student Services Department

If you have accepted a place to study at Trinity Laban, or if you are one of our current undergraduate students who is looking for funding towards postgraduate study, please email the Careers Coordinator, Juliet Ingram, with any questions you may have about applying to trusts and foundations.

If you are already enrolled on a programme of study at Trinity Laban, either undergraduate or postgraduate, and you are experiencing financial difficulties, the Student Services Department are able to offer a limited amount of financial support towards living costs (not tuition fees) through various hardship funds to which eligible students can apply. To find out what support is available through Student Services, please contact one of the Student Advisers whose details are given below. Student Advisers can also offer advice to current students about other possible sources of financial assistance external to Trinity Laban, including making applications to trusts and foundations.

Alex Iossifidis - Student Adviser, Faculty of Music (Monday-Thursday), International Student Adviser (Fridays)
020 8305 4412


Jennifer Asare - Student Adviser, Faculty of Dance (Monday to Friday) 
020 8305 9342


AHRC Applications

No AHRC funding is available to Trinity Laban MPhil/PhD Level students.

Please note that any funding obtained by Trinity Laban for PhD Level study will be advertised on