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The Research Department regularly organises research seminars, symposia and other events. The schedule for 2016-17 is currently being developed with, amongst others, two forthcoming evenings in the Parallax showcase series already confirmed. Please find information on these as well as on other research events below.


The Trinity Laban staff and Creative Practice research student showcase series. Find details of forthcoming events below; for information on previous events go here.


Parallax 07 - Moving as a thought process: An insight into mindfulness through dance and choreography

Wed 12 Oct 2016

Faculty of Dance, Lecture Theatre, 17.15-18.30h
Followed by drinks in the Laban Bar - all welcome!

Dr Naomi Lefebvre Sell (Trinity Laban), Tara Silverthorn and Lucille Teppa

This work draws on Naomi, Tara and Lucille’s understandings and expertise acquired through a collaboration which began in 2007, within the frame of Lefebvre Sell’s Doctoral research, investigating how mindfulness meditation impacts the dance making process. Over a nine-year period, they have let this original research filter and settle through our individual journeys as artists, teachers and researchers before recently carrying out a new research project funded by Arts Council England which focused on developing a practice towards a greater sense of mindful engagement and creativity, enabling and empowering artists and young people to draw on these principles. Their findings will be presented, also proposing novel methods in making and performing dance.

Chair and mentor of the project: Prof Sarah Whatley, Professor of Dance and Director: Centre for Dance Research (C-DaRE), Coventry University

Free and open to the public. External visitors are requested to book their place in advance by emailing the Research Administrator, Angela Kerkhoff, [email protected].


Parallax 08 - Difference and Repetition

A showcase of new and recent works by current Trinity Laban staff and research students across the Faculties of Dance and Music, including live performances, installations, improvisations, multi-media projections and more.

With The Trinity Laban Contemporary Music Group, conducted by Gregory Rose

Fri 2 Dec 2016

Trinity Laban at Blackheath Halls, 19.30h

Curated by Dr Sam Hayden and Dr Dominic Murcott

Difference and Repetition - after the title of GillesDeleuze's famous thesis - will be the 8th in the Parallax series at Trinity Laban.

Deleuze’s idea of Difference understands the identity of any given thing as constituted on the basis of the ever-changing network of relations in which it is found. For Deleuze, identity is a secondary determination, while difference, or the constitutive relations that make up identities, is primary. This important and influential idea has multiple applications to the materials and concepts of art, whether sonic, movement or otherwise, and our composers, musicians, choreographers, dancers and other artists have been invited to respond.

Free and open to the public. This event is ticketed, please book your ticket here.


Research Seminars

Seminars usually take place on occasional Wednesdays from 17.15h-18.15h with venues alternating between the Dance and Music Faculties.

The 2016-17 programme is currently being developed.

Free and open to the public - all welcome!

For information on the 2015-16 and earlier series please go here


Other Research events

This section, as those above, is under continous development throughout the year.


RESEARCH PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Research Ethics (facilitator Emma Redding)

Wed 7 Sept 2016

10.00 – 11.00, Faculty of Dance, Lecture Theatre

What is research ethics, why is it important and how does one apply for ethical approval?

This session will explore research ethics particularly in relation to students undertaking projects as part of their studies. We will discuss issues relating to human participant protection, confidentiality and guidelines for authorship with reference to the Research Council's UK Code of Conduct. The guidelines and procedures for students and staff applying for research ethical approval for both written and practice projects will be fully explained.

Open to Trinity Laban staff only.



Sessions in this new module on RESEARCH METHODOLOGIES for M-level students across both faculties run WEEKLY throughout the year. Topics covered include research methodologies, practice-as-research, collaboration, documentation & archiving and much more. 

Dates for the Music and Dance joint sessions of the M502/702 RESEARCH LAB this term are


14 September (one-day symposium)

5 October

19 October

2 November

16 November

Find details for these and all the other sessions on Moodle/Research!

Open to Trinity Laban M-level and research students only.


MPhil/PhD STUDENT SHOWCASE: Jonathan Firth

Wed 26 Oct 2016

17.15-18.30, Faculty of Music, Stuart Room

Recital of a new work for solo flute composed by TL MPhil student Jonathan Firth; followed by a talk about the composition process.  

Free and open to the public. External visitors are requested to book their place by emailing [email protected]


External visitors who would like to attend events, which are open to the public, are requested to book their place in advance by emailing the Research Administrator, Angela Kerkhoff, [email protected].


Find information on staff/student showcase events in the PARALLAX series.
Find information on Research Professional Development events.


Banner image: Artist Jaimie Henthorn, Photographer Rachel Cherry


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