Research is at the core of Trinity Laban's mission and informs our teaching activity. Staff research centres around: choreography, composition and performance; theoretical approaches to music, dance and related artforms; connections with the cognitive sciences; performance science and music psychology; arts pedagogy. Trinity Laban offers an established Research Degree Programme and we regularly host conferences and symposia relating to research into the performing arts, together with a regular research seminar series and practice-based events.

Dance Science

Dance Science is a fast-growing area of research and study; it aims to investigate the quantitative and qualitative aspects of dance training and performance, combining a range of scientific disciplines into a flexible working practice for dancers, choreographers and dance teachers.

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Music Performance Science

The merge of Trinity College and the Laban Centre put staff in a prime position to adapt the dance science model to music and develop more music-specific screening tests. As well as provisions for the music students in the form of screening, Trinity Laban is involved in a major research project in the field of Music Performance Science.

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Research Seminars and Events

The Research Department regularly organises research seminars, symposia and other events. The schedule is augmented throughout the year and includes evenings in the ParallaxCreative Practice showcase series, Research Seminars and other events.

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Research Ethics Policy

Trinity Laban ensures that appropriate governance procedures and mechanisms are in place to oversee research involving human participants. Follow the link for detailed guidelines on writing applications to the Research Ethics Committee for Ethical Approval.

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Open Access Publications

Access a range of music and dance research papers written by Trinity Laban staff, for free.

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