Junior Trinity’s String Time programme is for children aged 3 – 11 years. It encourages young players on their musical journey in ensemble and creative work. String Time is a great opportunity for young players to make music and receive professional coaching in a relaxed yet disciplined environment. 

The String Time Programme is divided into a number of groups. The progressive curriculum is designed to gradually develop students' musical skills from the very first stages of starting to learn a string instrument onwards. This is delivered through a mixture of ensemble and technique sessions combined with creative musicianship, theory training and choirs (Rhythm Runners and Fast Fiddlers only).

Trinity Teenies Nursery and Reception 3-5 N/A Musicianship
String Starters Year 1 5-6 Foundation Level Ensemble
Stepping Stones Year 2 6-7 Preliminary - Grade 1 Ensemble
Rhythm Runners Year 3 and 4 7-9 Grade 2-4 Ensemble
Fast Fiddlers Year 5 and 6 9-11 Grade 4-6 Dalcroze


At the String Starters level, students are able to begin learning the violin, viola or cello within the Ensemble session. From their second term in String Starters, students will need to take 30-minute individual lessons in addition to the group classes. 

Individual instrumental lessons are available in the early morning or afternoon outside the standard String Time Programme times. Students are not required to have their individual instrumental lesson at Junior Trinity. However, students who take individual lessons in-house benefit from learning with teachers who also have the opportunity to observe their group lessons, to provide a broad general music education.

Dalcroze Eurhythmics Musicianship Training

This musicianship training involves full-body movement to music, speeding up the connections between the ear, the brain and the limbs, and helping the children with coordination, posture, concentration and integration of mind and body. Eurhythmics creates a comprehensive foundation in the fundamental rhythmic elements of pulse, bartime and phrasing, alongside opportunities for expressive and creative development.

Further Details

The String Time programme takes place at the Faculty of Music, King Charles Court. The outline timetable will be as follows:

Trinity Teenies Friday afternoons 13.15h - 14.00h, 14.15h - 15.00h and 16.15h - 17.00h (depending on age)
String Starters Saturday morning 2 group sessions
Stepping Stones Saturday morning and early afternoon 3 group sessions
Rhythm Runners Saturday morning and early afternoon 4 group sessions
Fast Fiddlers Saturday morning and afternoon 5 group sessions

There are generally 15 places in each school year group. Once students accept a place on the String Time Programme, they progress through the group structure each year, depending on their age and progress. Please note that places from the Reception school year upwards will always depend on the level of current students re-enrolling each year.