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Sheila Maurice-Grey

Jazz Trumpeter


Postgraduate Advanced Diploma Jazz Trumpet - 2014-16
Sheila Maurice-Grey


My name’s Sheila Maurice-Grey. I’m doing a PG Diploma at Trinity Laban and this is my last year.

I’m an improviser; I’m an artist; I go to uni to learn how to improvise and to kind of articulate what I’m hearing in my head, and making it make sense through music.

My most memorable Trinity Laban performance was actually just last month – a month ago. We were playing the music of Byron Wallen, who was the combo leader. It was really exciting; a really exciting process. We were playing his amazing compositions, and through that we will learn how to develop a composition. He brought compositions that hadn’t been played before and we each brought our own take on the composition, so it was a great opportunity.

People always used to say to me 'when you go to music college, it’s a great opportunity to network with people', and I never understood what that really meant. Going to Trinity Laban has given me that opportunity to meet different people I never thought I would ever meet, both in classical, in jazz, and outside of music, in dance, as well. So it’s really broadened my view of music; of being an artist.

Sheila Maurice-Grey - Student Testimonial