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Support Questionnaire

    • You are strongly advised to complete this questionnaire to ensure we provide you with the maximum amount of informed assistance
    • Even if the below criteria do not apply to you, it is vital you complete the questionnaire before starting your course.
    • The questionnaire is confidential and will not in any way affect your application.
    • Only specific Student Services staff will see the questionnaires. Responses will be stored electronically and deleted once you complete your course. Information will only be passed on to other parties with your consent.

    ‘Why is it important to complete this form?’

    The more information we receive, the better we are able to cater to the specific needs of our students and we want to provide support and information where it is needed.

    Information can also help us respond correctly to emergencies if and when they occur.

    Your information can help us put in place arrangements so you are not unfairly disadvantaged.

    The Conservatoire provides comprehensive support for students’ specific needs; we cannot be expected to provide support in situations where we remain unaware of your particular needs.

    Thank you for your assistance and time.

  • Disability

    Please indicate which UCAS disability code applies to you:
  • Mental Health

    If you require more information about counselling follow this link: http://trinitylaban.ac.uk/student-experience/student-support/counselling-support
    If yes please complete the below information
  • Care Leavers

  • Estrangement

  • Previous Criminal Convictions

    Please be aware some elements of our courses are subject to DBS checks, please get in touch if you have questions about this. We can let you know what additional support you are entitled to if you wish to take advantage of this. This could include financial support, accommodation and other support services.