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Scholarships are a way to reward, encourage, and assist students in pursuing their studies.

They are awarded:

  • for outstanding performance ability, demonstrated at audition;
  • for particular disciplines (e.g. shortage instruments); and
  • in the form of a reduction in fees.

The majority of awards are partial tuition awards but Trinity Laban also offers some full tuition awards to especially gifted musicians who participate in our live auditions.

Further information relating to music and dance specific awards can be found below.


Music Scholarships

All applicants to the conservatoire's music programmes will be automatically considered for scholarships through our audition process - you do not need to apply for these. Here are some examples of the named awards we are able to allocate:

  • The Kathleen Creed Scholarship (tenor) is a partial scholarship award for a tenor's studies at Trinity Laban.
  • The Loveday Scholarship, one of Trinity Laban's most prestigious scholarship awards, offers a postgraduate student a full-fee award undertaking full-time study in either the Keyboard, Strings or Wind, Brass and Percussion Department.
  • The Alfred Kitchin Scholarship (piano) is for an accomplished postgraduate pianist from outside of the European Union (non-EEA), and an accomplished postgraduate pianist from the United Kingdom or European Union (EEA).

There are a number of other named awards, which you will also be considered for.


Dance Scholarships

If you're offered a place on the Graduate Diploma programme or on one of the Postgraduate programmes in the Faculty of Dance, you may be eligible for financial assistance with your studies.

In order to apply for a financial assistance award, please complete the following survey. There are a number of awards available dependant on your programme and meeting certain criteria, however initial application should be made by completing the survey. You will then be contacted in due course. Please that it is not guaranteed that all applications will result in an award.

For students accepted onto the MA/MFA Creative Practice: Dance Professional Practice programme, there is a further bursary offered by Independent Dance, The Gill Clarke Bursary. This bursary is to be applied for through Independent Dance and not Trinity Laban.