Every year, applicants tell us that they enjoy auditioning at Trinity Laban.

Our audition procedure is designed to enable us to find out about you - not just how good a performer you are, but what sort of a person you are, and to assess whether you have the potential to benefit from our approach. We aim to provide a positive and friendly atmosphere, and we want you to enjoy yourself.

You will be notified of your audition information via the email account you submitted on your UCAS application. Please ensure that you check this account regularly as you will not receive any information from Trinity Laban through the mail.

Please check the filtering services on your email account and ensure that messages with the ending @trinitylaban.ac.uk do not go to your junk mail folder, as you may otherwise miss vital information.

You will normally receive detailed information about the audition process along with your appointment details, no later than two weeks prior to your audition date.

Please note, it may not always be possible to give applicants for this session two weeks notice of their audition date. Applicants should also note that the audition fee is non-refundable.


UK audition dates for 2019 entry will be confirmed soon.

See Key Dates for Music Faculty Applications, which includes dates for Musical Theatre applicants.

Special Provision

If you have a disability or learning difficulty and require special provision on the day of your audition, please contact Admissions or the Disability Officer.

Audition Requirements

These are the audition requirements for the BA (Hons) Musical Theatre Performance programme. Please make sure you are aware of the entry requirements prior to application.  


Participate in a group workshop including warm-up exercises, and learning a musical theatre sequence including a group song, dance sequence and script work.

Candidates might not be asked to continue following the workshop where the audition panel identifies a significant mismatch between the evidenced ability and the demands of the course.

Individual Audition

Perform two contrasting songs of their own choice, lasting no longer than 10 minutes, plus one short monologue and a dance piece lasting no longer than 2 minutes. Where appropriate, please provide a backing track on tape, mini disc or CD or provide sheet music if you require the services of the Official Accompanist. You might not need to perform all pieces on the day.

At the end of your audition there will be a short interview when the panel will ask you to talk about your past training, achievements and your musical theatre aspirations. They will want to try to get to know you better as a person and examine the breadth of your knowledge and understanding about the musical theatre profession. You should come prepared to talk about the music you listen to at home, shows you have attended, music-making and/or dance/acting opportunities you have had, etc.

Dance styles, contrasting songs and monologues

Please note all dance styles are acceptable with the exception of Tap dance.

Your choice of musical theatre performance is entirely up to you. There is no date stipulation as to your choice of performance piece, however the songs should be contrasting in style. For example; an uptempo and a ballad that will allow you to show different Musical Theatre vocal styles.

It is recommended that the monologue should be from a scripted piece, again no date stipulated.

About the Audition Process

The day will consist of a group workshop during which you should wear loose, comfortable clothing. The workshop will include warm-up exercises, as well as participating in group learning of a musical theatre sequence including a group song, dance sequence and script work.

There will be three examiners present for your individual audition - the Course Leader, a music theatre voice specialist,  and a member of the Musical Theatre team. You may also be asked to work on a particular passage of your audition piece.  Please note that the audition panel will not stop you while you are performing, but in the case of a piece with several sections they may specify that you only perform part of the work.

If you have any problems or queries do not hesitate to contact one of our staff.

Details of the locations of your various sessions will be indicated on your audition timetable and a warm-up session will be scheduled for you before the audition commences. Stewards will take you to the relevant rooms during the day.

Please note that late auditions make take a slightly different format to that detailed above, but you will be emailed with the details.

All applicants should note that the Conservatoire will not consider applications for deferred entry.