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Music and Dance students can submit a recorded audition via Embark. This is not currently available to Musical Theatre students. 

Prior to submitting a recorded audition, you must apply via UCAS Conservatoires.

Erasmus applicants should complete the required form available from the International Office at their Home institution.

To submit a recorded audition you will need to create an account, you can then easily upload the recordings you wish to be considered. Recordings will not be considered until a UCAS application has been submitted. 

Music recorded auditions

Once you have completed the UCAS Conservatoires application, you should proceed to Embark to submit your video recording. Where possible, the panel will prefer to see a video recording of your speech and performance instead of listening to an audio recording. There should be two elements to your recording a) a speech and b) a performance.

a)  for the speech, you should record a passage of yourself speaking in English. First identify yourself by name and then say something about your musical background and the training you have had, your musical ambitions and your reasons for applying for the programme of study.

b)  for the performance, you should record three works (or extracts). Please note that the panel will wish to have some idea of the range of your ability, so provide works that provide contrasts of musical style and instrumental/vocal technique. Your performance must not be longer than 15 minutes in total. You can upload multiple files for this. 

Composition applicants use Embark to submit portfolios. Again, you can upload multiple files to create your portfolio of between 3 and 6 compositions. All styles are acceptable and unfinished works may be included. The portfolio must illustrate your ability to produce notated scores and recordings should be submitted where possible. 

Junior Fellowship applications must be made via Embark. As above, portfolios, recordings and other relevant information can be uploaded together.

If the performance on the recording is found not to be your own, the place will be withdrawn immediately and no fees will be refunded.

Please contact if you have any queries.

Dance Recorded Auditions

More information on dance recorded auditions will be available shortly. 


Please note that upon uploading your recording, portfolio and supplementary materials on Embark, you are giving Trinity Laban the permission to also upload a copy of your UCAS application and any references received onto Embark for the sake of assessing your UCAS application and your Embark application simultaneously.