Financial information for students on the Certificate: The Practice of Music Making

By enrolling on a programme of study online, you are entering into a contract with Trinity Laban and are bound by the information detailed here which outlines the deadlines and financial expectations should you decide to change status, or terminate your studies.

Study year 2017-18

I hereby undertake to accept the conditions below:

I acknowledge that if I access the online course materials during any given term that I will be required to pay the fee for that term, which will be calculated as described in this document.

In the event of a withdrawal from the Certificate: the Practice of Music Making programme, I agree to complete a Change of Status form and gain the relevant Programme Leader and Registry email authorisations by the following dates:

Where a student wishes to withdraw from their programme part way through the academic year for whatever reason, subject to the student observing the above procedure for withdrawal, the Conservatoire will adjust their liability for tuition fees:

  • Notification of withdrawal on or after 5 Sept 2017: 1/3 of the full fees
  • Notification of withdrawal on or after 9 Dec 2017: 2/3 of the full fees
  • Notification of withdrawal on or after 3 February 2018: full fees

Fee liability for students with tuition fee loans is as follows:

  • Notification of withdrawal on or after 5 Sept 2017: 25% of the annual tuition fee for your course will be payable
  • Notification of withdrawal on or after 9 Dec 2017: 50% of the annual tuition fee for your course will be payable
  • Notification of withdrawal on or after 3 February 2018: 100% of the annual tuition fee for your course will be payable

In the event of the formal withdrawal procedures not being observed, the student is liable for payment of fees in full for the academic year.

I understand that if I have a financial award I will also be required to pay back all or part of the award on a pro-rata basis.

In the event that you have not paid the due fees or discharged any other financial obligation to the Institution, Trinity Laban reserves the right cancel your registration and remove you from your programme of study, cancel the awarding of any degree or certification, and reserves the right to take action to recover outstanding monies.

Tuition fee debt

A fully enrolled CPMM student who has opted to pay by instalments must make all payments by the agreed dates. If a student does not make the second or third payment by the due date, their access to the CPMM VLE will be suspended. They will be notified by email of any outstanding debt or sanctions applied. 

The Finance Office will inform the Director of Music of those students whose access to the VLE is being suspended. The student will not have access to the VLE re-enabled until payment has been received.

If tuition fees remain outstanding after the end of the academic year, the debt will be actively pursued by the Finance Office Credit Controllers, and the matter will also be passed to a debt collection agency.

Programme Brochure

Download the programme brochure for Certificate: The Practice of Music Making (pdf)

Student testimonials

“I am only half-way through the course, but it has already exceeded my expectations. As an adult amateur viola player, who only started learning to play the instrument several years ago, I have already benefitted from the course in various ways: from learning about different approaches to practice sessions and rehearsals to dealing with performance and performance related challenges. I am certainly looking forward to the second half of the course!”

"When I saw this course, I realised it would ideally complement my other music studies with the Open University. The practical nature of the course was also relevant because I play violin with several ensembles including a large orchestra. I have found it interesting to learn about different styles of music and the types of music making by other students. The course has made me more aware of the wider implications of playing music from effective practice and reflection to improvisation and looking after our health; it has shown me how I can help my own ensembles understand their playing more."

"I opted for the CPMM course for my final module in an Open University BA degree course of study, as an alternative to the OU level 3 music module, and have not been disappointed. The course is well-structured and the course materials are comparable in every way with those of the OU. Having played with instrumental groups and sung in choirs since my youth, the course has been highly informative and invaluable in consolidating my prior experience and in providing new insights into the practice of musical performance. And having the opportunity to study at a music conservatoire with the academic rigour expected of a level 3 OU course has been a bonus.”

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