Dance Summer School 2019 is taking place on 22 July - 2 August 2019.

Information about Bursaries for 2019 will be available shortly.

Thanks to the generous support of Victoria Worsfold Griffiths’ and Evangeline Dobson Douglas’ families, we were able to offer three separate bursaries to cover the cost of attendance at the 2019 Dance Summer School or How Movement Works for three participants. 

Victoria Worsfold Griffiths Bursary

Two bursaries, covering the cost for two people to attend either our Dance Summer School 2019 or How Movement Works 2019.

Evie Dee Inspiring Life Award

One bursary covering the cost for one person to attend our Dance Summer School 2019.

Award application criteria

Trinity Laban will award the gifts to three dance teachers applying to the Trinity Laban Summer Schools who, in the opinion of Trinity Laban Scholarships Committee, meet the following criteria:

The successful applicants for the bursary places must:

  • be working as a dance teacher in UK schools, youth or community settings;
  • demonstrate an interest in and commitment to contemporary dance practice;
  • provide a statement of financial need;
  • provide a strong and coherent rationale as to how attendance at the Trinity Laban Dance Summer School or How Movement Works would further their professional development.

In addition, the successful applicants will be expected to provide a short report by 1 September 2019, explaining how attendance at either of our summer schools will support their professional development.

To Apply

Please email your CV and a cover letter outlining how the Dance Summer School/How Movement Works would further your professional development, also including a statement of financial need and ensuring you cover and demonstarte the above criteria.  Return to Programme Manager, Alliey Gee at

Deadline: 3 June 2019

Please ensure you add Summer School 2019 Bursary in the subject line of your email.

Please send ONE application only as we will consider you for both bursaries.

Applications for Bursaries are now open