Every 6 weeks, we welcome a different dance artist into the studio to give classes.

Suitable for dance professionals and students, these fast-paced energetic classes (Level 3) will expose you to a variety of dance styles and different approaches to movement.

Join us on Wednesdays, from 19.00h to 20.30h. Drop-in places are available.

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Sonia Rafferty

Wed 12 June – 3 July 2019

Sonia is a freelance teacher, performer, choreographer, director, and mentor as well as Senior Lecturer at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance. She has performed extensively in a range of work, from La Bouche (electric voice dance) to V-ToL (physical theatre) and more recently with Lizzi Kew-Ross and Athina Vahla in site-specific events. Sonia is a regular and established professional/company/master class leader and, as an MSc Dance Science graduate, uses her physiological and psychological knowledge to underpin her work. An active researcher in dance science and safe practice, she is co-founder of Safe in Dance International and co-author of “Safe Dance Practice: An Applied Dance Science Perspective” published 2015.

Sonia has developed her personal philosophy and approach to teaching over the last thirty years. Heavily influenced by the Limón technique principles of suspension, release, opposition, fall and recovery, Sonia’s class also concentrates on the concept of flow. It progresses through introductory material that promotes clarity of execution and full body articulation, layered with attention to phrasing and musicality, then builds towards dynamic and expressive sequences that are designed to challenge.

Cost: £40 (£30) Drop in: £12 (£8)

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Flying Low with Ben McEwen

Wednesdays 9 Jan - 13 Feb 2019

Ben graduated from Trinity Laban before going on to complete the training cycle at P.A.R.T.S., where he had his first opportunity to study with David Zambrano, the initiator of Flying Low.  Now he regularly works as a performer and researcher for, among others; Lisa May Thomas, Charlotte Spencer Projects, Joon Dance, Vera Tussing and Francesco Scavetta/Wee, alongside teaching at conservatoires, universities and professional classes throughout Europe. He also practices Aikido at Tetsushinkan/MovingEast and enjoys wandering amongst mountains and barefoot running.

Ben's sessions will explore principles of floor work, through the material of Flying Low. Flying Low is a technique initiated by David Zambrano that uses simple movement patterns and principles (such as spiralling and alternating between expansion and cohesion) to dance our whole selves in, out and along the floor with safety, speed, efficiency and pleasure.  Sessions will take a detailed look at the movements, breaking them down to allow everyone to find a way though the material that works for them, before putting it all back together for some full-bodied dancing!

We highly recommend long trousers (within reason!) and covered shoulders to enable smooth transitions when sliding/ moving in, out and along the floor.

Cost: £62 (£46) Drop in: £12 (£8)