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Join us for this exciting week-long intensive exploring how movement works.

"This course will reveal things that people working in the performing arts should know, but often don’t!” (Rosemary Brandt)

Course Outline

So what is movement anyway? Discover the answers during this week-long choreology intensive.

The course is suitable for practitioners from different backgrounds and disciplines, interested in movement, choreography, acting, performance, and directing or teaching. It will significantly change and improve your creative practice.

Join us on the journey to reveal fascinating insights about what we look at when we watch performance and how expression is controlled, created and communicated.

The week will include

  • An introduction to innovative and exciting choreological practice
  • Creating, performing and observing movement
  • Discussion and dialogue
  • An exploration of current developments of Rudolf Laban’s movement theories and their specific application to contemporary performing arts disciplines

No previous experience of movement analysis theories is required.

"Fascinating, absorbing and exciting. The choreological understanding will change your professional practice significantly” 

(Participant 2016)


Course Details

Dates: Mon 13 – Fri 17 July 2020, 10.00h – 17.30h 


Early Bird Course Fee: £405 (available until 1 Mar)
Trinity Laban Alumni rate: £386
Course Fee after 1 Mar: £464

Bursaries are available for dance teachers attending either How Movement Works or our Dance Summer School.

Information Pack



The 2020 HMW timetable will be available in Feb 2020.

This course will be open to book from Jan 2020.