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Stine Nilsen

Artistic Director


Transitions Dance Company - 1997

I studied with a diverse group of students and teachers, giving me the skills and inspiration to work with many different people in my career. I liked the emphasis on both academic and practical skills, considering the impact of dance on society as well as my personal enjoyment of it.

Stine Nilsen
Stine Nilsen


Stine Nilsen completed a BA Dance Theatre in 1996 and then joined Transitions Dance Company graduating in 1997. After graduating she performed with artists including Jeremy James & Company, Angela Woodhouse and Barriedale Opera house. In 2000 she joined Candoco Dance Company and has worked with Javier de Frutos, Jasmin Vardimon, Stephen Petronio and Protein Dance amongst others. She gives regular workshops and classes in the UK and abroad, and her research into inclusive approaches to teaching was supported by Independent Dance 2005-2007. From 2007 to 2017, together with fellow alumnus Pedro Machado, she was the Artistic Co-Director of Candoco Dance Company. In 2017 Stine was appointed Artistic Director of Coda Oslo International Dance Festival in Norway.

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MA Dance Performance

Experience being a member of a professional dance company, creating new work with three specially commissioned choreographers, and touring nationally and internationally in Transitions Dance Company.

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Transitions Dance Company

By commissioning new work from outstanding choreographers and recruiting dancers emerging onto the international dance scene, Transitions Dance Company continues to contribute to the explosive field of contemporary dance.

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