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Our unprecedented commitment to the music of women composers throughout the 2018/19 academic year.

Drawing on centuries of music past and present, Trinity Laban ensured that at least half of the music programmed for the multitude of varied public performances on its landmark Greenwich campus and in venues across London in 2018/19 was by women composers.

Venus Blazing encompassed

60 concerts and opera performances

by the conservatoire’s large-scale student performing groups in the various musical genres for which Trinity Laban is known, including

classical music, opera, and jazz

Harriet Harman

Introduction to Venus Blazing

Introducing Venus Blazing 512x375

Discover Venus Blazing

A summary of our year-long celebration of female composers

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Dr Sophie Fuller 479x552

Different Voices

A blog post by Dr Sophie Fuller, author of The Pandora Guide to Women Composers

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Henriette Renié's Harp Concerto in C minor

Performed by TL student Noelia Cotuna

"Anne Boleyn" by Libby Larsen

Performed by TL students Hope Lavelle and Claire Habbershaw

Venus Blazing Music and Theatre Trust

For the Venus Blazing Music and Theatre Trust (VBMT), run by Deirdre Gribbin and Lou Stein, please visit their website.

VBMT website