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After an intensive period of creative exploration and rehearsals, third-year dance students perform a set of exciting works.

The dancers, who are on the BA (Hons) Contemporary Dance course, have worked with leading choreographers Zoi Dimitriou, Hubert Essakow, Yael Flexer, Lizzi Kew-Ross and Heidi Rustgaard.

The works were premiered in the Laban Theatre on Thursday 19 and Friday 20 October, after which they will be toured around the UK.

BA3 Catching the heart off guard 512x375

Catching the Heart Off Guard

Choreography Lizzi Kew-Ross
Music Black Earth
Composer Dominic Murcott
Musician Nic Pendlebury

Dancers Amber Ibrahim, Eve Langley, Francesca McCoy, Francesca Wilson, Georgia Collins, Jacob Roberts, Lia Gribius, Libby Mills, Louisa Sutherland, Matt Lawson, Olivia Miles, Phillip Hewitt, Rochelle Davies, Sara Stevenson, Sissy Mondloch, Thameenah Naiyala and Viola Ranghino 

Looking, thinking and talking about the work of the artists Richter and Rothko, and the poetry of Roethke, Heaney, Yevtushenko and Owen, have played an important part in the process and devising of this piece.

Thanks to the dancers for their engagement with the process, the production team for their creativity, and to Meilir Ioan for rehearsal assistance.

BA3 Forgery and Imitation 512x552

Forgery and Imitation

Choreography Zoi Dimitriou
Music Hollie Harding and Ben Corrigan. Extracts from: Glenn Gould's 1959 interview Off the Record

Dancers Akti Konstantinou, Anna Radeczki, Ashleigh Frost, Charlotte Buchsbaum, Chloe Walker, Christianna Eftychiou, Claire Niesto-Bame, Evie Oldham, Jiaxin Yuan, Jon Hope, Maya Yonkali, Megan Smith, Noelle Lahaye, Ronja Kasemi, Sophie Moores and Thomas Page

This work is inspired by Glenn Gould's 1994 essay Forgery and Imitation in the Creative Process. It de-constructs, re-constructs and re-positions pre-existing choreography from a range of sources, within the context of varied tempo and varied performance modalities.

Thanks to Hollie Harding, Ben Corrigan, Kathryn Crick and the Trinity Laban Production team for all their support.

BA3479x552 Hubert Misura


Choreography Hubert Essakow
Music Johann Sebastian Bach

Dancers Aisha El Mouti, Amanda Forsberg Fahller, Blaine Richardson, Cassie Adams, Estelle Banthorpe, Emma Lane, Esmee Halliday, Georgie Bache, Imogen Hunt, Jazzula Donough, Lily Combes, Luke Esslemont, Nadine Muncey, Petronella Wiehan, Raphaelle Peree, Rebecca Callow, Tansy Mileham, Trine Strand and Vincenzo D’Aquisto

My starting point for Misura is looking at history, at the origin of ballet at the court of Louis XIV of France, a passionate and devoted dancer known as The Sun King.

Training in dance as well as fencing, poetry and music was a necessity in the Baroque period in a vigorous quest for a harmonious understanding of physical, spiritual and intellectual enlightenment. Misura here means to measure, the proportioning of time in relation to the music.

Thanks to the dancers’ constant commitment, enthusiasm and passion! Great design team Florence and Kieron, Lizzi for cups of tea and advice, Ellen for your support and Rosemary for the opportunity.

BA3 Groups & Landscapes 479x375

Groups & Landscapes

Choreography Heidi Rustgaard 

Dancers Alexandra Holmberg, Allegra Jeffreys, Clara Cowen, Emma Holt, Eve Hopkinson, Ferghas Clavey, Giordana Patumi, Harriet Harding, Jay Yule, Jessica Cotton, Josephine Auffray, Massimo Monticelli, Mia Winderen, Rachel Laird, Renato D’Oliveira, Sara Maurizi, Taylor Han and Tommy Cattin 

In Groups & Landscapes we explored construction, deconstruction, arrangement and transformation through a process of not knowing. We investigated the possibilities and limits of working with voice and movement, where the voice is the leading component, and how this extends into the body. The access to imagination took place through vocalizing and physicalizing various states, structures and systems, allowing the dancers to respond to what they were creating, whilst being in the moment. 

Thanks to the dancers for their commitment and bravery in the process, Estera for creating the beautiful costumes and Alex for the lighting design.

Imagining Otherwise (or The Rucksack Club)

Choreography Yael Flexer with Luke Birch and Lyndsey McConville
Music Ben Frost and Daniel Bjarnason, Richard Skelton, Hadag Nachash, Oren Ambarchi and Robin Fox

Dancers Aine Ashby, Andre Pavanello, April Gunawardena, Benjamin Head, Bethany Hastie, Caterina Morandini, Hannah Woodliffe, Jack Perry, Matthew Fraser, Melissa Muncaster, Niamh McBride, Rachel Greer, Sarah Ann Taylor, Shona Leahy, Sophie Halstead, Sophie Wendes, Vasiliki Papapostolou and Virginia Poli

This show attempts to imagine the other shows – lives – places that could have been.

Thanks to Nic Sandiland, Stephanie Schober and the fantastic Trinity Laban Team (Fay, Berta, Lizzy, Hannah, Rahel, Emma, Talat and Colin).