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Statement of Responsibilities

Trinity Laban’s Statement of Responsibilities can be found in the Academic Quality section as well as on Moodle. The document has been developed jointly by Trinity Laban and its Students’ Union and it aims to set out the respective responsibilities of the Institution and students.

These procedures and regulations apply to all students enrolled at Trinity Laban.

All students enrolled shall additionally be subject to such regulations as Trinity Laban may determine for its students from time to time.

By enrolling, you undertake to observe the provisions of the Scheme of Management and the rules and regulations of Trinity Laban and the relevant programme.

The Trinity Laban Academic Board reserves absolutely the right to make such changes to these regulations as it may deem to be necessary.


Your programme may have a specific attendance requirement. Check your programme handbook for specific details.

Attendance at classes, lectures, seminars and tutorials is an integral part of a programme and is compulsory, except where otherwise stated.

Programme Requirements and Regulations

You must satisfy the requirements and regulations specific to the programme for which you are registered as approved by City University or the Trinity Laban Academic Board.

A student whom Trinity Laban has deemed to have completed a programme component shall, wherever the Programme Regulations make provision for an assessment, present him/herself at the time appointed by Trinity Laban. Failure to do so, or failure to submit work having so presented him/herself, shall normally be deemed failure in that assessment and may result in the requirement to withdraw from the programme, unless there are valid and demonstrable mitigating circumstances in play.

Discipline and conduct

As a student at Trinity Laban you are expected to conduct yourself with due regard to your legal responsibilities as an adult and to the good name and reputation of Trinity Laban, and in a manner consistent with the fulfillment of Trinity Laban’s mission and in accordance with its regulations and policies. In particular, the use of or possession of illegal drugs within Trinity Laban premises is strictly prohibited and students in breach of this will face disciplinary action which may result in dismissal from Trinity Laban.

Using the Laban Library and Archive

By enrolling, you agree to abide by the terms if use of the Laban Library and Archive and note that failure to do so may impact on progression/graduation.