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Trinity Laban offers programmes in Music and Dance with an integrated English Language Pathway.

Our English Language pathway aims to help students achieve fluency in English within academic and professional contexts, with the ability to think critically about Dance in English.

The integrated English pathway at Trinity Laban seeks to embed English Language training within the context of Dance and Music programmes. This makes this course entirely unique within the hundreds of other Foundation and Degree programmes on offer in the UK for multilingual students who need to improve their English language skills for University. This course does not aim merely to help students achieve fluency in English but to help them to integrate within an academic community and practise their English for academic and professional contexts. Activities are designed keeping in mind the requirement of conservatoire courses and the skills students will need to achieve to pass all their study modules in the English medium.

Dr Koel Chatterjee

Integrated English Pathway

Students on programmes that include the Integrated English Pathway will receive training in English grammar, vocabulary, phonetics and pronunciation, as well as reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.

Practice activities are designed around weekly topics to help develop students’ critical thinking skills and their ability to use language in a natural, cohesive manner. Activities are prepared in a range of formats and combine traditional ESOL techniques with gamification apps, group work and individual projects. The Pathway’s structure is flexible enough to cater to the level of individual students, allowing them to practise the skills they most need at their own pace.

Programmes with this Pathway may be suitable for a range of students, for example:

  • Those who want to explore their options in the performance industry
  • International students who seek a Dance or Music Degree with an Integrated English Pathway
  • Professional dancers and musicians who find their lack of English language skills a barrier to career growth
  • Teachers of Dance and Music who require fluency in English within the context of their industry

The Pathway is designed to cater to each of these unique requirements because of its flexible activities-oriented approach, small class-size and individual attention to the requirements of each student.

 Dr Koel Chatterjee

Dr Koel Chatterjee developed and leads the Integrated English Pathway at Trinity Laban. She has extensive experience in specialist teaching for Academic English, and Critical Thinking for Higher Education.

Programmes with Integrated English Pathways