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Jordan Bennett

Musical Theatre

Headshot Jordan Bennett

Student details

Full name:​​​ Jordan Bennett
Height:​​​​ 6”2
Hair:​​​ Very Dark Brown
Eyes:​​​ Dark Brown
Nationality:​​ British


Accents:​​ RP, *Heightened RP, *American-standard, New York, West Yorkshire, *North Yorkshire (native), *French, Cockney
Vocal range: Bass/Baritone C#2- G4 (G4-Bb4 falsetto)
Playing age:​​ 17-25
Dance:​​ Jazz, Tap, Ballet
*Low resonant bass voice, high baritone, *Sight Reading, *Choral singing, A Capella
Other Skills: Playing a woman/gender fluid, Running, Cycling, Horse Riding, Scuba Diving

Other information​

Llop trained

Spotlight: 2297-4504-4896

Credits during training

Part: Graylag
Production: Honk!
Director: Ahmet Ahmet
MD: Jodie Robinson

Part: Linus
Production: Snoopy!
Director and Choreographer: Omar Okai
MD: Verity Quade

Part: Patrick/Orville/Miles
Production: Elegies for Angels, Punks, and Raging Queens
Director: Khiley Williams
MD: Phil Cornwell