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Lauren Somerville

Musical Theatre

Headshore Lauren Somerville

Student details

Full name: Lauren Somerville
Height: 5’3”
Hair: Red/Titian
Eyes: Brown
Nationality: British White


Accents: English Standard, Hamshire*, English RP, American Standard, American Southern States, American New York
Vocal range:F#3 to Db6 (Belt to F5)
Playing age: 14-20
Dance: Jazz, Ballet, Tap
Other skills: Jazz Singing*, Scat Singing*, Choral singing, Artists (portrait and painting)

Other information

Spotlight Pin: 6773-7865-7049

Full Uk Drivers Licence (Manual)

Credits during training

Part: BullFrog/Duckling
Production: Honk! Jr
Director: Ahmet Ahmet
MD: Jodi Robinson

Part: Sally Brown
Production: Snoopy! The Musical
Director: Khiley Denman
Choreographer: Khiley Denman
MD: Phil Cornwell