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Zak Robinson

Musical Theatre

Spotlight Pin: 4132-3493-2551

Name: Zak Robinson                 

Height: 5’9”                                        

Hair: Blond

Eyes: Blue – Grey                  

Nationality: British    

Accents: Northern English, Cockney, RP, General American, New York, Devon*                                         

Vocal range: G#2 – B4

Playing age: 16-25

Dance: Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Commercial

Music: Guitar*, Piano (intermediate)                         

Skills: Cycling, Long Distance Running, Football, Swimming

Credits whilst training:

Stone in City of Angels
(Director: Karen Rabinowitz, Musical Director: Mark Smith, Choreographer: Sarah Drummond)

Private in Madagascar
(Director: Ahmet Ahmet, Musical Director: Jody Robinson, Choreographer: Helen Rymer)

Guiseppe Zangara/Stone in 2nd-year Showcase
(Director: Karen Rabinowitz, Choreographer: Karen Rabinowitz)

Herman/Ensemble in Sweet Charity
(Director: Charlotte Westenra, Musical Director: Nathan Jarvis, Choreographer: Steven Harris)

Riff in 1st-year showcase
(Director: Helen Evans, Musical Director: Jody Robinson, Choreographer: Graham Newell)