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This collaborative project seeks to offer insights into how higher education and performing arts engage with blended learning.

A cross-faculty research team of staff and students at Trinity Laban are investigating the psychological impact of virtual learning and teaching on higher education experience within the performing arts as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Launched in July, the Trinity Laban student-staff collaborative research began as four separate master’s projects before being brought together by programme leader Dr Liliana Araújo and further expanded to focus on students and teachers.

Now, Trinity Laban students and staff are working across music and dance to understand the motivational and emotional impact that Covid-19 is having on performing arts students and teachers.

The team is currently inviting eligible individuals to take part by completing one 15-minute anonymous online survey from the relevant branch:

1. The motivational and emotional impact of online learning on higher education dance students‘ learning experiences: a survey and interview study. Led by MSc Dance Science students Kendall Baab, Emily Miller and Victoria Michalowsky and supervised by Dr Liliana Araújo and Professor Emma Redding.

Take part in the dance student survey

To participate in a 1:1 interview regarding your personal experiences, please contact Victoria Michalowsky at the end of the survey.

2. The motivational and emotional impact of online learning on higher education music students’ learning experiences and motivation to practice during the Covid-19 pandemic: a survey study. Led by MMus student Laura Impallomeni and supervised by Liliana Araújo.

Take part in the music student survey

3. The motivational and emotional impact of online teaching on music and dance teachers: a survey study. Led by Liliana Araújo with Sonia Rafferty and Emma Redding.

Take part in the teaching survey

All studies have been approved by the Trinity Laban Research Ethics Committee.

Surveys are open until Monday 20 July.


To participate, you must be over 18 years old and either study or teach music or dance at a conservatoire or university in order to complete the survey.

Research team:

Dr Liliana Araújo, Sonia Rafferty, Professor Emma Redding, Kendall Baab, Emily Miller, Victoria Michalowsky and Laura Impallomeni