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Resolution 2023

Thu 18 May 2023

This year, Resolution 2023 returns to The Place between 18 May and 16 June. Across 19 nights, 57 artists and companies from London and beyond will showcase new contemporary choreographies on the stage. We are incredibly proud to have a great many alumni and students taking part in Resolution 2023.


Sunniva Moen Rørvik’s choreography of Red Lick featuring a mixtape of movement fuelled by hairspray, sour candy, and Pepsi Max. The dancers (Bel Eade, Sula CastleYu-Chien ChengRoseann DendyLöe D’ArcyAndrea Callaghan) will be creating comedic mayhem on stage, with lip-syncing to Trønderrock, honouring mother Gaga and costume changes on costume changes on costume changes. (Thu 18 May)

The 12th Floor duo (TL alum Charis Crudgington and Mette Nilsen) will be performing their choreography, I’m sorry to disappoint you all, an ode to perceived failure. Their intertwining eclectic movement and film projection is set to an original sound score by Phoebe Coco. The two friends, housemates as well as colleagues/collaborators, share a closed-knit dynamic which will be showcased in their work. (Fri 19 May)

TL alumni Agnieszka Mencel, Charis Crudgington, Federica Bertani, Venia Baltadorou and Kristýna Kocianová are part of Annelise Bucher’s choreography, Relay. Relay is an emotional chain reaction created through melodies mixing and layering as dancers meet and interact. (Fri 19 May)

Loren McKay presents Lesbian Dance Theory, a seriously humorous lecture and multimedia performance which centres around dialogues, practices, histories and futures of those who identify as, with or adjacent to the term Lesbian (Thu 25 May).

Nadine Élise Muncey’s choreography, soft surge is a contemporary dance work that aims to explore the understanding and complexities of tenderness. This word that is loaded with information and energy, towards the self, to others and to pain. TL alumni Petronella Wiehahn and Shannon Oleson are dancers in Nadine’s choreography. (Fri 26 May)

Kennedy Junior Muntaga, artistic director of TL Youth Dance Company and director of KMDT, has choreographed Grown Men Keep Breaking My Heart in collaboration with Joey Barton. The duo portray complex societal issues with dance through a medium of storytelling by extracting scenarios from their own lives, and influence from their environment.  (Sat 27 May)

Maya Yoncali and Nadine Elise Muncey are performing in Petronella Wiehahn’s piece, Gathering Clouds. The dance work explores our immersion in a world that is continuously shaped by weather as dancers move as water and storms alongside striking lighting design and pulsing electronic rhythms. (Sat 27 May)

Mandy Tan and Malachi Briant (pictured) will be presenting While Remembering, a piece that physicalises the feeling of nostalgia and memory and invites the audience to dive into their memories and notice the questions and emotions that arise. The two young emerging artists connected over their shared passion for contact improvisation whilst studying at TL and have since choreographed and performed together. A work-in-progress showing of While Remembering was presented at Blue Elephant Theatre earlier in February. (Tue 30 May)

First commissioned by Dancin’ Oxford and created as a response to marginalised and underrepresented invisible disabled bodies in the arts, That Thing, will be performed by Lucy Clark from Fuse Collective. Combining large-scale projection, contemporary dance, live music, and spoken word, That Thing exposes the unseen reality of what it’s like living with hidden disability, an uncensored performance of truthfulness and vulnerability (Wed 31 May).

Find Your Lines by MA Creative Practice graduate, Maya Takeda, starts with a game of cat’s cradle and the book LINES written by Tim Ingold (2016). Expect to see patterns made with one long piece of thread as Maya proceeds to using her entire body to form the shapes of the cat’s cradle while applying her work using objects within LINES (Tue 6 June).

Chewed Pink, a queer led dance theatre collective composed of TL alumni Lauren Ainley, Ruby De Ville Morel, Catriona O’Connor and Jasmine Springall who have been collaborating since 2022, will present their piece I Can’t Take My Body Off. Examining femininity through a queer lens, their piece delves into female relationships; to others, to the world and to ourselves (Thu 8 June).

TL Fulbright Scholar, Oluwaseun Olayiwola, will be presenting HoleHead at Resolution 2023. Three queer male dancers attract, repulse, and diffract in a part dream, part poem, meditation on masculinity, jealousy, and the limits of contemporary intimacy (Thu 8 June).

Fabio Pronestì will be collaborating with Lorenzo Tombesi and visual artist Denise Aimar, in his work I wonder if this may be held. Fabio shares a reflection about what holds the encounter together as a series of glimpses from the past emerge in a walk, tracing countless paths and encouraging their becoming (Tue 13 June).

Second year MFA Choreography student, Attila Andrasi will be presenting a playful solo titled Once Upon a Time. The piece draws on the emotional contrasts between adulthood and childhood. It examines the puzzling separation and disconnection of life stages, creating an appreciation for growing up and life’s journey (Wed 14 June).

B brain(s) by TL alum Sanya Malnar and Marianne Raynal, is a hybrid, hyper-visual contemporary dance piece. It presents itself as an eerie, introspective experience which invites audiences to reflect on existential perception. With bodies moving in expressive garments and merging into the scenography, B brain(s) showcases concepts such as synæsthesia, the subconscious, clownery, and social justice (Thu 15 June).

Tough Boys Dance Collective (Donna Smith, Andrea Callaghan, Naissa Bjørn, Charlotte Bennett, Yu-Chien Cheng) will be presenting Dog Meat. Drawing movement from contemporary physicality and hip hop theatre, Dog Meat involves a cyclical structure which showcases the group’s reaction to the burning hot summer of 2022 (Fri 16 June).


To see the full programme and book tickets, visit The Place website.

Photo credit: Isaac Hutchings