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Daisy Harrison

Dance Artist


My course has helped me to widen my horizons in what I expect from dance, and helped me learn that I am capable of being more than just a performing dancer.

Daisy Harrison

I also really liked how many students Trinity Laban takes on; it gives you such a wide range of people to work with and learn from and keep in contact to work with after graduating. It also really helps you to understand different ways of working, as well as exposing you to choreographers and works you might never have heard of before. It also is helpful to hear about the way the dance scene is overseas when contemplating where to work / live once you’re finished studying!

My course has helped me to widen my horizons in what I expect from dance, and helped me learn that I am capable of being more than just a performing dancer. There are so many more job opportunities than just performing, and I’ve learnt so many new skills such as teaching, choreography and videography. I feel much better prepared to enter the dance world.

My favourite performance experience at Trinity Laban was performing at the Maslool Dance Centre in Tel Aviv, Israel on tour. It was an amazing experience to see their performances as well as share ours and talk with them afterwards and share our experiences. It was an amazing trip and I’ll never forget it!

The best thing about studying in London is the range of classes outside of Uni which are available to you, and the range of companies that come to perform their work or hold workshops here, there are so many opportunities.

I used the screening service at Laban Health which was really beneficial, it was so interesting to learn things about your body that you hadn’t understood before.  Also, when doing a screening at the end of first year and comparing it to the beginning of first year, it was really reassuring to realise your progress – before the results and discussion with the dance science tutor I had convinced myself I hadn’t made as much progress as I had: it is in a dancer’s nature to be hard on yourself, I suppose, but you can’t argue with figures!

My Trinity Laban experience was challenging and hard, but exciting. It changes you and helps you grow more than you expect!